Monday, December 11, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #345:Chuckles-Like Composition Baby

  Today's doll strays from our winter/Christmas theme, but I came across her the other day, and she is just so cute,I wanted to share her with you. Mind you, she does need a lot of TLC.Here she is.

Isn't she cute?

She has such a sweet little face.

I love her two teeth and her brown eyes.

She's a composition baby.

For those of you more into modern dolls, composition is described as 'a composite material composed of sawdust, glue, and other materials such as cornstarch, resin and wood flour.' It's not a material that does well over a long period of time. You can see that she needs a lot of help.

I wish I could afford to have her fixed, because she's just too sweet to let disappear. I'm really not brave enough to try to fix her myself.

Look at those curls!

 I'm not sure how that curly hair is kept if the surface falls off,because it doesn't look like there is any detail underneath. 

She has sleep eyes.

Her body is stuffed cloth,and she has a non-working crier in her back.

That may have something to do with that shoot out she was apparently in.

"They got me!"
She doesn't seem so big, but she actually measures 18" tall.

Does anybody recognize this girl? I'd love to know who she is,and how old she is.

She looks a lot like 'Chuckles', but there are a lot of things about her that don't match up.
That's all for today. See you tomorrow with another doll.


  1. Well shoot, I was going to review a composition baby this week myself! Is yours marked on the back of her neck? If so, that will give you some clues about her identity. If she's not marked...LOL, good luck! I've got an unmarked one too and I can't identify him/her to save my life. Yours is worth fixing if you're willing to save a little money for it, because that face is adorable!

    1. We seem to be on the same wavelength lately! I still say go ahead and do it. No, she has no markings. I love her little face, but I don't have the free money floating around to fix her. I may get rid of her just to get her somewhere she can get some help.

    2. I know! I love her,but I feel like I might have to get rid of her just to save her.


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