Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Doll-A-DAy 2017 #352:Barbie and the Rockers Concert Fun

  Today we're looking at a whole set. This is the Barbie and the Rockers Concert Fun set.

The set,which I think is a Target stores exclusive, comes with a cool purple plastic translucent piano and bench,and two dolls: a female friend or Chelsea,and a male Chelsea friend.
The box seems to be referring to both of them as 'Chelsea dolls'.

He's Mr. No Name. The poor guy seems to be the same doll released as a solo guy recently in the Camping Fun line,but they still haven't given the poor kid a name.

 This version is cuter than the solo kid. He doesn't look nearly as smarmy. You can see his previous incarnation HERE. This version has pale blonde hair,instead of light brown with blonde highlights.

He still has cute freckles though.

The Chelsea,or Chelsea friend,(Who knows? Don't they give these kids names any more?!),has brown hair with a blue streak.

The set also includes a purple microphone.

Tomorrow we'll see if we can get back on our Christmas theme, talk about the new Star Wars movie,(But no spoilers!),and check how my shopping is doing so far. See you then.

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