Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #346: Melody

  First of all, a nice comment from Ms Leo on a recent post made me realize, I never told you what happened when Ken and I went back to get the car. (Remember? The car was overheating and I left it at Emma's and had her drive us home. Ken and I were supposed to go back the next day to get it.) Well the next afternoon Ken and I went to get the car. Emma wanted us to visit with her for a while. We did, but we didn't stay too long, because we still anticipated a nearly 2 hour ordeal trying to get an overheating car the less than a half hour home. Well, 2 hours would have been nice. As it was, we weren't very far from home when the car, which had had to be restarted several times after stopping to let it cool, finally decided it wasn't going to start any more. It was completely dead. We tried jumping it, (On the edge of a busy highway,no less,and we had to pull the van the wrong way on the road to get their batteries together close enough to use the jumper cables. Luckily a nice Highway Patrol officer stopped and helped us not get plowed over in the process.) We tried jumping it,but it just wasn't going to start. The officer suggested we could leave the car there---that it would be ok for 48 hours---and try again tomorrow when we could see what we were doing and maybe call a tow truck,or we could call a tow truck then. We decided to come back the next day with our powerful battery charger, and see what we could do, rather than use one of only three AAA tow we get. The next day we went back. I was sitting in the van, which Ken had pulled up behind the car. Ken got in the car to pop the hood so he could hook up the battery charger. When he got out he shut the door,and...the entire back window fell out! I just screamed in shock and Ken turned around. I kept pointing frantically at the back of the car with my mouth hanging open. We finally got the car started,and after having to stop several more times, Ken was stranded before he got home. We finally got it started again and got it home, but now we have a car that not only overheats, but has no back window. It's a mite drafty this time of year...
  Anyway, today's doll. She's this sweet girl.

She's Melody,one of Kelly doll's friends.

In fact, she's the very first Melody.

 She's wearing her original outfit and shoes, except she had a headband to match her coat. 

It helped tame that hair.


She is small enough for Shrunken Saturday, but there she was,wearing this cozy coat,which is what lured me to buy her in the first place,and it was really cold out today.

This isn't my first Melody. I had to replace her, because she became Fuzzy's doll. He loved his Tommy dolls, and he ended up appropriating my Melody and Emma's Becky,which she called Emily. Needless to say, my original Melody doesn't look too great these days. But she has led a full life!
  This was a short post, (except for the car story!), without many pictures,but hey, as I said, it was cold out there today!


  1. Can I say I hate car issues! They always happen at the worst times. I hope it all works out. It is too cold to be without a window!

    As for the doll, she is cute. I think I have this doll and the jacket but I don't think I have the pants and shoes. I do find it helpful to wet the dolls hair slightly before photos. It gets rid of the static and allow you to kinds style the hair. Some doll's hair are really staticy.

    1. We are driving the van at the moment,but it has no heat,so the problems continue! As for her hair,it has way more problems than static. Without that headband the whole head of hair just want to stand up. Even the headband doesn't help much!


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