Sunday, December 24, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #358:Santa Claus

  It's Christmas eve! I made it. Everything is done but filling the stockings and wrapping Ivy and Fuzzy's cheese,which,being cheese,has had to be kept in the fridge until Christmas morning. I wrap it as close to Christmas as possible so the paper doesn't get soggy. If you're wondering why they get cheese,it's special cheese that we have to drive over an hour to get,in a town we never go to otherwise. And, duh, it's cheese!
   Well, no rain yet. We still have snow.Today we're celebrating Christmas eve with Santa Claus!

You'll have seen the little guy before during the last year of Doll-A-Day. You can check out his day HERE.

You can recognize him by the giant gash on his forehead.

The larger guy has a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on his backside, but it also says 'Made in Japan'.



They're a sweet pair of Santas.

Tomorrow is Christmas. I hope all of you who celebrate it have a wonderful day!

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