Friday, December 15, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #348: Jamie

  Today's doll is another I've been holding back for a snowy day. Today was perfect.

She's Jamie,from Maru and Friends.

You may have seen my posts on my other Maru and Friends dolls. If not, you can see my review of Maru HERE,and my review of Mini Pals Chad HERE.

Like the other full sized dolls in the Maru line,Jamie is 20" tall.

And like all the Maru and Friends dolls other than Valentina,she was sculpted by Diana Effner, one of my favourite doll artists. 

She has hazel eyes and a cute sprinkling of freckles across her face.

This is her original outfit,which includes pink sleeveless blouse,white nylon pants,white knee socks,white parka with pink faux fur trim, and pink faux suede boots.

Her parka has a hood that's actually useable.

But she does have the same problem I have,which is, what do you do with all that hair when you put your hood up?

I've had Jamie for a while, but as I said,I was saving her for the snow.

There aren't many pictures, but it was really cold outside!

I don't have very many expensive dolls. As you may have read me say many times,I collect on a budget. I go cheap most of the time. But I got Jamie like new, in her box and shipper, with all her original clothes,plus an extra Maru and Friends outfit and Maru's original outfit and book.So how did I do that on a budget? I'm going to tell you how I do these things. I got all that for a really good price. I told Ken I was sure I could get most of the money back,if he'd only buy it for me. So he did, and gave Jamie to me  for our anniversary in September. I sold the other things,so Jamie ended up costing a grand total of $23! Now that I can live with!

So I now have Maru and Jamie. I really want a Savannah,which is basically a Jamie with red hair and blue eyes. My perfect Maru and Friends doll would have Savannah's hair and Jamie's eyes, or maybe even darker brown eyes.

  Tomorrow Emma and I are going Christmas shopping,and to see Petula Clark in concert. Remember Petula Clark? "Downtown"? Younger people may be familiar with the song "A Sign of the Times", which was used in some Target commercials a few years ago. Now here are some more Jamie's,because she's so pretty.

See you some point...


  1. LOL, I didn't know it was Petula Clark who did "A Sign of the Times"! My mom used to listen to that one on the oldies station...before said oldies station started playing modern crap. Hope y'all enjoy that!

    1. It was nice to see her. She's 85,and couldn't do some of the notes she used to, so the arrangements were different. Everything but Downtown was slowed down a lot,sometimes to the point of practically being a different song.Still, she is Petula Clark,so...


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