Friday, December 15, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #347: Mama and Baby Beans

  Ok. I am a day late here. (You'll notice I am catching up though, because there will be two posts today.) I have a good excuse though.I actually tried to do a post yesterday,even after a long tiring day. First of all, I finally got my tree up! That meant a busy day and I was pooped. My back has been going out for the last couple of weeks and by last night I could barely move. In spite of that,and having a doctor's appointment this morning that I had to get up for,I was trying to do a post because I am so close to the end of the year of Doll-A-Day,and I was not going to mess up now. I was going to use with a doll I made myself,but my pictures wouldn't load properly. Eventually I was forced to give up. But after resting my back a lot today,I'm better. So I took pictures today,and here's yesterday's doll(s). This is Mama and Baby Beans.

They were part of the popular series of Baby beans dolls made by Mattel in the 1970's.They are  marked 1975.

I love the cute chubby faces of the Baby Beans dolls. Mama is sweet.

But how cute is her little bean of a baby?!

It's just a bundle of baby, with no legs.

There's an elastic strap on the baby's back to help Mama hold her baby.

And if that's not enough, one of her hands has Velcro that attaches to her other hand and can make her hold her hands closed around the baby.

Mama measures 9" tall.

Baby is 3 1/2".

These dolls are a lot less common than the regular Baby Beans dolls. As could be expected,Mama is often found without her baby.
  Now, on to today's actual post!

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