Sunday, December 3, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #337:Hilarious

    Back to Christmas themed dolls today. Her she is.

She's a Pat Secrist doll.

Pat Secrist is a doll artist. If you want to visit the Secrist Dolls page, which sells dolls,doll parts,paints, and offers tutorials for doll making and reborning dolls,you can go to their page HERE.
 This sculpt is called 'Hilarious'.

That accounts for her laughing face.

The 'Hilarious' sculpt was used for a variety of dolls,with different hair colours and outfits. But this girl has a very Christmassy looking colour scheme to her clothes.

She has green eyes with 'real' eye lashes.

Her ash blonde hair is wigged,not rooted.

And of course she has those two little teeth that make her look so pleasantly goofy.

And those chubby baby limbs.

She has a vinyl head and limbs, but her body is a soft, stuffed cloth.

I feel she should have had bloomers,but they are missing.

She left here recently, because as cute as she is, she isn't really my thing. I don't collect dolls like this,so she made room for someone else.

But she was so cute and so Christmassy that I saved her pictures for this month's posts.

See you tomorrow for a wintery doll.

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