Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #353: Todd and More Sweaters

  Today we're going to look at this little guy.

He's Todd.

But you may have seen him on the blog before as Simon World.

Todd was the twin brother of Stacie,the little sister of Barbie.

Todd first showed up in the Midge Wedding  Party set in 1991, as the ring bearer. He was also part of a two pack from the Wedding series, 'Wedding Day Kelly and Todd', along with a doll called 'Kelly',who used the same face and body sculpt as Todd. That was the only 'Kelly' doll of that size. The next time we saw a Barbie sister doll of that size,she had a new head sculpt and her name was Stacie. Todd didn't show up again until 1993.

Todd was sold as a single doll, and in a few gift sets with Stacie and Barbie.

There were also a few African American Todds.You can see my African American Todd having fun at the World family's Halloween party HERE.

Todd was only made for two years. That's disappointing, because he is a cute little fellow.
I love his hair!
His sculpt was finally used again in 2008,when he appeared as Michael in the Mary Poppins Banks kids set.Like Todd's sweater? I happened upon these Christmas ornaments at Target recently while I was supposed to be Christmas shopping for other people!

I couldn't resist because the sweater seemed like it would be removable, and it was the perfect size for Todd! It was a bit of a pain to get on him, since his fingers kept getting caught in the weave,but he looks pretty good in it.

It was only glued,lightly, at the waist. It pulled off fairly easily. the poor reindeer was revealed to only have a body made of a rolled sheet of foam,and pipe cleaner arms with glued on felt hands. There are a couple of different patterns to the sweaters on these ornaments. There is extra variety though because the print falls in different places on the sweaters too. (They must be made from large bolts of the woven stuff.) This sweater was the best one I found,with a nice, even print.
  See you tomorrow for another doll.


  1. I'm enjoying going through your dolls. I just now found your blog. Congrats on completing your 365. That's a good feeling, isn't it? I wanted to share a tip for getting sweaters or other clothes on dolls when their fingers get caught. Cut the corner off a plastic bag and slip it over the doll's hand. The sleeve will go right on and you can slip the bag off easily.

    1. Oh Dawn! Glad you found me! You're one of my favourite Flickr people! I can't believe I did it without missing a day. I didn't manage that the last time I did it.By the way, the whole thing was inspired by your 365 days of Sara! Thanks for the tip. I have done something like that, but on this day I was in a hurry before I lost my light. Of course, if I had done that it might have been even quicker!


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