Friday, December 8, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #341:Allied Eastern Doll on Skates

  Today's doll is another I came across recently, that I had forgotten all about.

She's this lady...girl?
She looks surprised at my uncertainty.

She's an Allied Eastern doll

That's what the 'AE' is for.

She is about 14 inches tall.

She is wearing white pants and a white shirt, along with a jacket, which I thought made her look more appropriate for today's weather:It snowed.

Big fluffy flakes were coming down and making something of an attempt to stick to things. It didn't last though. But when I came across this girl again today I thought,"Ha! Yes! This doll is wearing ice skates! She's perfect for winter!" Uhh...

Not so much.

I knew the wheels were down in the tub I got her out of,somewhere,but I couldn't find them.I gave up looking because I had so much to do that I really didn't want to completely unload and reload the whole tub again. I know they're there,so I'll reunite skates and wheels later. I was losing light and wanted to get my pictures taken. Then after I took the pictures and was thinking about the wheels again, I thought I also vaguely remember her having a white beret too.Bleh.

Other than the skates her outfit makes me feel she should be hanging out at the yacht club.

She has green sleep eyes.


So there we are. Tomorrow we'll look at another doll.

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