Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #340: Gerber Baby

  Today's doll is also in cozy pajamas.

She's the Gerber Baby.

Gerber began using the Baby in 1928.

Thank you Tag. You saved me a lot of typing.
The Gerber Baby is one of the most familiar advertising faces of the 20th century.

This doll was made by the Atlanta Novelty company in 1979.

This Gerber Baby is 12" tall.

She has She has that twirly Gerber Baby hair.


She also has something special about her too.

She has flirty eyes!

A lot of people are creeped out by them, but I actually like flirty eye dolls. Not only can they look to either side and show a lot of personality...

... but they have the odd quirky habit of going googly eyed or cross eyed without warning.

Like this angry kid I found on Ebay.

This little girl was in an auction box I got a while back. She's wearing her original pajamas.

 And she has her bottle.

She had a hand written tag on her that claimed she had her 'complete set'. In researching her I see that she originally came as a single doll, in various clothing,or as a boxed set, which included doll, extra dress and a set of knitted booties, Wicker bed with mattress,and a Gerber Baby spoon.

Ivy got a free Gerber baby spoon with her named engraved on it when she was born, in spite of the fact that I fed my kids almost exclusively with Earth's Best baby food.

So what the deal is with all this extra stuff, I'm not sure.

I did see one doll with the serving dish.

It's Gerber food boxes, but is it official Gerber Baby doll stuff?

Tomorrow we'll look at another doll. Whether it is wintery or Christmassy is yet to be seen. I had so many I wanted to cover before the year was out.


  1. Well bummer, I was going to review this one in the weeks to come, but you beat me to it! This example is gorgeous.

    1. Please do it anyway! You mat reach different people. Besides, everyone does and sees things a little differently.

  2. I just found a Gerber baby doll. On neck it reads 1994 Gerber Products co. Toy Biz. Co. Does it have any value?

    1. I looked it up. Some have sold for between $6 and $20,and one, that appears to be a fluke, for $29. Of course, as with all dolls, the value depends on condition: Does it have it's original outfit? accessories? Is it worn, or dirty? Is the paint in good condition,or scuffed?The more original the condition,the more it's worth. Boxed dolls that have never been opened will be worth the most,and in that case the condition of the box will affect the value.


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