Saturday, December 9, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #342: Princess on Ice Cinderella

  Today's doll is nice and wintery.

She's Princess on Ice Cinderella.

She was produced in 2004

She's such a pretty doll.


With beautiful ringlets.

Her dress is very pretty too. I think they did a good job of translating the classic Disney Cinderella dress into a skating outfit.


It's a shame that such a pretty doll has to be hampered with a cloddy feature like the waist-situated skating handle.

I hate these things. You can't get regular doll clothes on dolls with this thing,and it just looks weird.Plus it moves around all over the place when you're trying to handle the doll.

Or take her picture.
There was a beautiful Olympic skater with the Kira head sculpt that had the same crappy skating handle. Love her. Hate the handle.

I guess kids like it, because they keep making these things,

You'll notice that this girl is missing the blades from her skates.

If you've had any of these skates you'll know that they open up for putting on and taking off. You'll also know that every time you open them, the blades fall out! It was actually handier to not have them on though, because otherwise she would have had an even harder time standing up on our glass patio table, which is doing a pretty good job passing as ice.


Ok,except there is a tree growing out of the middle of the pond. Ok. But how else was she going to stand up on that glass table in a skating pose? That tree is there for a reason!

She also came with an extra dress and a  pair of pink fur boots with blue fur trim. The boots didn't have soles.They were all furry. They didn't really look like boots,more like the kind of big hairy cozy slippers you wear around the house. I got her second hand,so I don't have the dress,which was kind of ugly anyway. But I do have the boots,although I'm not sure I got them when I got her.


That's it for today

Tomorrow is Shrunken Saturday. We'll see you then for a mini doll.

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  1. My youngest daughter had this doll. She had so many other dolls, including Cinderella ones, that I don't think the mechanism bothered her that much. I will also add that the hairstyle on this doll won't stay looking very nice for long, if it is being played with by a little girl.


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