Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #361: Holiday Elves

  Here we are, counting down  the days to the new year. Today we're counting down with these guys.

This bunch of elves, or pixies,are in coordinating green and white stripes.

The two have the exact same faces as a pair I have from my childhood.

This one is counting the hours!

I have to admit,in spite of his seeming lack of eyes,this one is my favourite of the group.

He was made in Japan.

This little guy isn't as showy as the others, but he is cute. I have a weakness for elves though.

This pair have the most personality of the bunch.

I won't be long until New Year's Eve. Hopefully I'll have something interesting to show you before then. It has been so cold the last week that I haven't been wanting to take photos outside. It was 2 degrees today,and that's Fahrenheit!

One last photo of these guys,and we're out of here for today.

  Tomorrow will be another doll. I did get a couple for Christmas.


  1. ah, they're nice. I had one of these as a kid. Inherited from my sister. Never knew it was an elve though, I'm from Europe where Christmas elves are unknown. My parents did have friends in the states though, so that's were my longlegged little friend must have come from. have a nice old and new years day.

    and thanks for all your posting of dolls, i mostly enjoy them. being chronically ill, housebound, it's a nice diversion for me to look at your dolls. Found your website looking for skipper related things. My you have a lot of them

    1. They're unknown? Really? I guess I assumed the idea was international. I'll have to ask Ken if he saw them growing up in England. Of course, he had American relatives,so he might have had a similar situation to yours as a kid.
      I'm glad I can help brighten your day. I won't be posting every day after the new year, but I'm hoping to do a regular weekly post at least, and stray ones here and there.
      Yes, I do have alot of Skippers! That's my biggest specific collection. I haven't added to it much for a while though.
      A happy new year to you too!


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