Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #339: Love n Touch Baby

  Ok! Today we are finally getting to that 'wintery' doll. When I think of the best things about winter, one of them is the memories of what I always called 'cosying down' with the kids. I always loved the winter evenings when the kids were little. Everybody, fresh from warm baths and in cozy pajamas,would snuggle in my bed and read or watch a movie. Ken worked most nights when Emma and Fuzzy were very small,so it was just them and me most of the time. It was even nicer when Ken could join us. And that was my favourite thing ever: to be all snuggled and cozy with my loved ones while it snowed and stormed outside. It's always cold in our house in the winter,so 'cozying down' was self preservation too! Share the warmth! So winter brings to mind warm pajamas and snuggling.  Now don't say today's doll is not wintery!

She looks all cozy in her hooded footies,so that's wintery to me!

She's Love n Touch Baby.

If she's 'Love n Touch' shouldn't it be 'LT'?

She looks a lot like Thumbelina,but she was made by Mattel,not Ideal, in 1979.

She measures 12" long.

She has a pretty full head of hair for a baby.

Her cozy yellow and white hooded PJs have a pull string in the hood,something not allowed in children's clothes these days.


They also have feet, and a 'trap door' in the bottom.

 It's a trap!
When I was really small my favourite clothes were a pair of striped engineer overalls that zipped up the front,and a pair of red corduroy overalls that had a 'trap door'. It was useful in a cold house, because you didn't have to take off your complete coveralls, but but was hard to use!
Her PJs are removable.

She has a soft, stuffed,cloth body.The upper portions of her legs have no stuffing,making her legs floppy. Her feet are more like booties,with no definable toes.
She has a soft rubbery face and hands.

Unsentimental Niece had one of these when she was little. Around her house they didn't call this doll Love n Touch. They had a special name for her, based on her 'special attribute'.

As I mentioned, Love N Touch has a soft rubbery face and hands. But she also has one other soft, rubbery area...

Which is how Unsentimental Niece's doll got her nickname...

... "Naked Butt Baby".
Not quite sure why the doll was made with this feature. It certainly makes her memorable though.But wait, you say, I thought she had a cloth body. Well, she does.


Most dolls have a bottom of some kind. The weird part of Love N Touch is that she doesn't have a rubber body. She just has a rubber butt!

Now you know what the trap door is for. It's to showcase her special feature.

It's way too cold for all this nudity! Let's get cozy again!
That's more like it!
Love n Touch had a 'sequel' of sorts in Love n Touch Real Sister, a 15" doll with a similar face and a big head of blonde hair,who looked more like a toddler or maybe a 4 year old.
  Tomorrow we'll continue to cozy down and try to stay warm. See you then.


  1. LOL, you've heard the phrase "smoother than a baby's bottom," right? This doll is super cute.

    1. Ha! Why that one didn't occur to me while I was doing this post i'll never know!


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