Thursday, December 28, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #362: Mistletoe Pose Dolls

  Today I'm going to bore you with at least one more day of holiday dolls. But these aren't the floppy legged Elf-on-the Shelf/knee hugger type of elves we've mostly seen so far. These are bendy legged dolls more like Japanese pose dolls. Plus I have a good reason for going with these dolls today.

My best friend Lori is in the hospital again with her heart problem. She has Afib this time,instead of Aflutter,which is supposedly easier to fix and not quite as serious. She feels better this way too,so it seems less worrying...but I'm doing it anyway. I spent the day at the hospital with her, so I'm using some more pictures I took before Christmas. She gets her heart shocked back into rhythm tomorrow morning,and will have to have another ablation to fix the problem. (It sounds gruesome. Google it.) So anyway, these dolls are all affixed to mistletoe balls,as you can see.

The little ones have very similar faces.

The tiniest one has yarn hair. I do have some that look like this one that have feather hair.

The middle sized one looks like she may have had feather hair at some point,but it's gone now.

They all have bendy wired arms and legs,felt bodies and sort of stockingette faces with painted features.


The biggest one really looks like a pose doll,(If you don't know what a Japanese pose doll is,you can see some of mine HERE, HERE,and HERE,where you can also see Easter versions of the traditional knee hugger elf.)

The biggest doll here looks the most like a Japanese pose doll.

While the other two have stockingette faces with just stuffing behind them,this one has a pressed cloth face.

Her big blank blue eyes remind me of "Jessica" from the Rankin and Bass Christmas special "Santa Claus is Coming to Town."

Mistletoe girl is marked Napco,Hong Kong. Napco were famous makers of  ceramic nick nacks and salt and pepper shakers,etc.

That's it for today.See you again tomorrow.


  1. I have a Christmas pixie a lot like the little one with hair but mine is dressed in silver and gold and doesn't have a mistletoe ball. He has a hanging loop on his head but if you hang him his head falls off. I think he was my dad's.

    1. The rest of mine don't have the mistletoe either. These are the only three like that. I didn't realize I had three until I was sorting things out for this post.


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