Saturday, December 2, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #336: Shrunken Saturday: Glamour Gals

  I mentioned a while back that I was getting a really good crop of walnuts off my black walnut trees this year. I had a load of them saved in the old rabbit cage,which was empty,since we lost Jerome back in the summer. That way they could they be outside and dry and not get stolen by all the squirrels that always steal my pears and walnuts. That was working great for a while, as long as the gazebo was up. I had the cage out in the sun to dry the walnuts, and when it looked like rain I dragged it into the gazebo so they would stay dry. Then we took the gazebo down and there was nothing but the patio table to protect them from the rain.That didn't work. The cage filled with water and I had to dump it. Then it got filled again, and it rained for over a week,so they just lay in there and soaked. I tried dumping  it again, but it just kept raining. On top of that,even though the cage was still shut all the way,dumping it with all those heavy walnuts in there had caused the collapsible sides to come undone a bit. I don't see how,but somehow the squirrels were getting in and stealing the nuts. I knew this because the cage became surrounded by empty hulls. The rain caused the hulls to stain the patio black with walnut hull water. (That is how they make walnut stain for wood, isn't it?) I finally gave up and just took the lid off the cage so the squirrels could just take the rest of the nuts. Luckily I had brought a lot of nuts in the house and dried them, taking up every stray surface in the kitchen with nuts in trays and aluminum pans. So I do still have some walnuts, but not the huge haul I should have had.
  Anyway, today is Shrunken Saturday, when we look at miniature dolls. This week's mini dolls are these girls.

They're Glamour Gals.

This scary looking girl is Erin.


She's wearing a Glamour Gals outfit called Hawaiian Holiday.

This is Vanessa in Softly Suited.

This is Jessie in Wedding Belle.


Glamour Gals were made by Kenner from 1981 to 1983.

There was a case, a house,a red sports car,and playsets.
The dolls are 4 1/2" tall, and,some,like these girls have removable clothing. There were some dolls with molded and painted on clothes.The shoes are painted on.

There are holes in the bottoms of their feet so they can be attached to their posing stands.

They have twist waists and bendy legs.


There were 16 dolls in all, 8 females and 8 males.

There's a doll blog with a page with tons of information on the Glamour Gals,which you can visit HERE.

They remind me a lot of the Melanie's Mall dolls Emma, and later Ivy,had when they were kids.
  These girls were scattered around here, and in going through everything like I have recently, I found them all and put them together,and in researching this post I found that I also have a pair of Glamour Gals chaps from a cowgirl outfit. Anyway,now that they are all rounded up they can leave here together.
  Tomorrow we're getting back to the Christmas theme. See you then.

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