Friday, December 22, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #355:Living Skipper in Best Buy

  My back is feeling much better today. I can actually move around and do things for long periods of time without screaming...and then I do. But anyway,it's much better, and I am pretty much up with all my Christmas stuff. Everything wrapped except a couple of things I'm going to take care of in a minute,and all my shopping done...I think. Ken and Ivy and I relaxed last night,(For me it was as well as I could).,and watched loads of Christmas movies. We watched two versions of 'A Christmas Carol",(the 1938 MGM version, and the 80's TV version with George C. Scott.),"March of the Wooden Soldiers",(Also called "Babes in Toyland". It's the Laurel and Hardy version.),"Santa Claus is Coming to Town",(Ivy put it on.We haven't watched it for years, since she was small.),and then they fell asleep, and I watched what came on next,which was Rudolph. Haven't seen that for years either. While I was doing yesterday's post I watched most of "A Charlie Brown Christmas". I haven't seen that for ages either. So now if we watch "The Muppet Christmas Carol" and How the Grinch Stole Christmas",I have the classics covered!
  Today's doll is all cozied up in a nice coat. It wasn't very cold today anyway,so she barely even needed it!

She's Living Skipper.

She sort of has her hair down,(although I haven't taken the part out in the back). I like the way it looks from the front this way.

The outfit is actually two coordinating Best Buy fashions from 1976. The coat is 9121, and should have a black belt with a red buckle, and a matching Tam-O-Shanter with a black ribbon on top.

The dress underneath is from Best Buy #9122. It consists of a dress with black vest top with two red buttons,and a skirt part that matches the coat

She should have a white blouse under the dress,but I'm missing that.

Living Skipper is one of the least popular vintage Barbie family dolls.I've said this before,but I can't see why. Some Living Skipper dolls are really beautiful.Sometimes they did overdo the eyelashes,I'll admit.

They have beautiful lips too.

And Living Skipper had great posability. She has a twist waist that can also lean,jointed elbows(under rubber skin(,jointed wrists (exposed),and those wonderful bendy knees that were made to really bend in those days.

You may have seen some of my other Living Skipper dolls before. If not, you can see them HERE,HERE,and HERE.

See you tomorrow for another doll,if my back holds out.


  1. being a skipperlover..she's nice. I like the way you combined an outfir for her. I've one that I still have to fix the hair of. She's washed and combed now. her tails taken up. Now I've to make them into nicely curled tails again, but have to take courage for that.

    merry christmas

    1. Good luck. I'm no good with hair myself.merry Christmas to you too.

  2. Oh wow, I just remembered that my sisters and I had this outfit when we were kids!


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