Saturday, April 20, 2019

Doll-A-Day 2019 #110: The Healthnuggles

  A couple of days ago we saw some tiny anthropomorphic bears. Today we're going to look at another anthropomorphic family. It's this little bear family.

They're called the Healthnuggles.

They're Li'l Woodzeez.

Li'l Woodzeez are made by Battat, who also make Our Generation dolls. The dolls aren't marked at all, and their clothes are only marked like this:

And the furniture is only stamped with numbers. But the bedding is marked Battat.


Li'l Woodzeez are obviously meant as competition for Sylvanian Families,and Calico Critters. Like those lines,Li'l Woodzeez is made up of incredibly cute anthropomorphic animals,with all kinds of cute houses and playsets. The furniture resembles Sylvanian Families furniture.

The family consists of Dad...
Dad is 3 inches tall.

Mom is also 3 inches tall.

...the older kid,and the baby.

Older kid is 2 1/2 inches tall, and the baby is 1 3/4 inches tall. I'm guessing these kids weren't originally naked.

The bed obviously belongs to the older kid.

You can watch a commercial  for Li'l Woodzeez HERE.

  That's it for today. For those of you celebrating Easter tomorrow,have a happy Easter. I'll be here alone all day, as Ken has to work, Emma is coming when Ken gets off work,Ivy is at college,and Fuzzyand his girlfriend aren't coming until the evening. But when everybody gets here we will be exchanging Easter baskets,(Yes, I still make up Easter baskets for the kids,and Ken too! These days Emma and Fuzz want less edibles and Ivy wants just as much. So I replace most of Fuzz and Emma's basket budget with things,not sweets.),and we'll have dinner. Emma had her wisdom teeth removed earlier in the week,and she still can't eat spicy foods or things that take much chewing. I can't eat spicy foods because my LPR diet doesn't allow it. So we'll be having regular mashed potatoes for us,and Ken and Fuzzy will be the onyl ones to eat the curried eggs I usually make.I'm making some artichokes,which are Emma's favourites, but she's not sure she'll be able to eat them.


  1. Well Teach, I feel like I got my word for the week "anthropomorphic." I had to do a Google search to see what it meant. My favorite anthropomorphic characters are Rocky and Bullwinkle. There, I used the word in a sentence (laugh).

    What a cute family. I think you are right. The children probably did have on clothing.

    Can you believe that May begins next week? I feel like I want to dance around the Maypole (well, if my town had a Maypole and if people wouldn't think I was crazy and call the police (chuckle).

    Have a great Thanksgiving.

  2. Sorry! i guess I should have explained. But at least you learn something here on the blog!
    This year has gone faster than I can believe! Of course, when you get older time speeds up. That's a fact My school years seemed to drag on forever. Now the years fly past.
    I think you have Spring Fever Dorothy. Maybe sit in a cool place with a drink,(the non alcoholic kind. You've got enough going on already...) As for Thanksgiving, your year must be moving even faster than mine. Seriously, thanks for the chuckle Dorothy!

    1. Dear Teach, of my goodness, did I really say "Thanksgiving." (laugh) That's what I get for writing comments in the middle of the night. Time IS flying by but I hope to have some summertime this year before I start Christmas shopping.
      So let's try it again, Happy Easter! (chuckle)

    2. That's more like it Dorothy! I hope your Easter was wonderful!

  3. These are such little cuties, I really like them. I always have a little look at the Sylvanian Families when I go to Toys R Us (yes ours is still open here), I really like them but they're not cheap and I don't want to start collecting something else to be honest! I went to see the advert, very cute!
    I hope you enjoy your family time and wish you a Happy Easter :)

    1. I hope you had a nice Easter. I looked at all the Sylvanian Families toys in London when we were there, and if you read the post, you'll know that I carried a set of kittens around and almost bought them. All those things are so cute! If I had seen them as a kid I would have wanted them all...and I still do! You are right though. they are ridiculously expensive.


Thanks in advance for your comments.