Saturday, March 4, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #63:Shrunken Saturday 1930's Dollhouse Maid

  Hopefully this won't be the torture to get posted that yesterday's post was!
  Well, yesterday I saw my doctor,who once again insinuated that he believes I am a fat lady who sits around eating bon bons all day,and that's why I'm fat,in spite of being told by me and Ken that I don't eat that much.(In fact sometimes I forget to eat.) And this is after looking at my chart and seeing that my thyroid level has been above the highest suggested level on a regular basis as long as I have been seeing him,(and he still refuses to raise the dosage of my medication).When we explained that even though I have lost over 40 pounds two separate times, the weight just comes back,and I am not a big eater,he just smirked.I hate this guy. He wanted to send me to a dietitian. I don't need a dietitian.I know how to eat. (He got a laugh out of that one. "Yes!" I am going to punch this guy in the head.) He already made me mad last time I was there by telling me that spending 2 hours mowing my yard with an old fashioned motorless mower,constantly mowing in a back and forth motion for 2 solid hours, was not exercise. Apparently it's only exercise if you get a gym membership.(Did I mention that I hate this guy?) So,the result is, he sent me for blood work AGAIN,saying he may have to double my dosage,(Gee,YOU THINK?!),and told me to go on a 1200 calorie a day diet. That's 200 more calories a day than I allow myself when I put myself on a diet!  He will give me a new prescription after reviewing the results of my blood work.(And if he doesn't change it this time I'm outta there.) I have three months to lose weight before I go back to see him again. Doesn't he realize that it's not only difficult to lose weight when you're fighting a lazy thyroid,but pointless, because the weight always comes back? If I could have kept off both lots of weight I've lost,I wouldn't be having a problem now.
  Anyway, let's get to today's doll.She's this 1930's dollhouse maid.

She's only about 3 1/2" tall, so she's not 1/12 scale.(Unless she is a child maid.)

She's painted bisque.

They kind of got a little crazy with the cheek paint.It's pretty overpowering. It 's in her hair, and one cheek and her upper lip are really red. It kind of looks like she has one of those red birth marks,or like the red 'stork bites' Ivy had on her forehead and upper lip when she was born.

Her arms and legs are moveable, but she can't actually bend her legs at the hip enough to actually sit down.So that articulation was a little pointless.

She really looks more like a little girl than a grownup.
I cleared up the sitting room in my dollhouse and took some really nice pictures of little maid lady here.Due to the stupid focus on my camera she was the only thing in the room out of focus in all the pictures except the one above there somewhere. But I wanted to show my hard work, (I even DUSTED!),so I'm posting this one, at least, anyway!

This one was more difficult than yesterday.Let's see if I get a doll posted tomorrow!


  1. Oh, she is really cute! She really looks like a child maid - I remember the film 'The Little Princess' with Shirley Temple...
    Your dollhouse is amazing. Do You have any pictures more of it?

    (Oh,and please, write me Your address, please ;) )
    Best regards,

    1. I never thought of that! The Little Princess is one of my favourite children's books.Now I want to do a 'Little Princess' dollhouse! With Miss Minchin and all the girls,and Sarah! And a school room! That would be great!I can't take full credit for the dollhouse.I bought it, with the wallpaper and the wall to wall carpet, for $10 from a lady whose brother made it for her.I'm not sure if she was a little girl when he made it,or not. I have showed bits of the dollhouse a few times:

  2. So sorry you are dealing with an awful doctor. Personally, I would be looking for a new one right away. It's important to have someone who listens and actually cares. I have come across a few doctors that seem to have a superiority complex and refuse to listen to their patients. You know your body. A dismissive, snarky attitude in not acceptable. I hope you can find someone who takes your concerns seriously.

    1. Thanks.We used to have the best doctor.He listened and spent time, and explained everything that was going on with us.Unfortunately he moved to another town.I'm very tempted to make the long drive every time I need to see a doctor!

  3. I'd already be looking for another doctor if I was in your situation. Is this doctor your general practitioner? Mr. BTEG sees an endocrinologist for his thyroid issues and also several other things. Maybe a specialist would be helpful.

    1. Yes, just a GP.It has never been brought up by any of my doctors that I see a specialist. In fact,it took years for anybody to find the thyroid problem.To this guy's defense,he was the one who finally found it.He's not doing much with the knowledge though!We'll see what happens when I go back in June.I may dump him.It's Tuesday and I haven't heard from his office about the blood work I had done on Friday,and they were waiting for the results to prescribe my medication, which I've been out of since the week before last!


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