Friday, March 24, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 # 83: Cosimo by Lundby

  If you saw yesterday's post you'll know all about a trade I made recently. If not, let me recap for you.
  If you've been reading the blog you may have seen a post I did on a doll named Cosima. (If not, you can see it HERE.) Even if you didn't, there was one reader who did, who contacted me. I had mentioned in the post that the doll I really wanted when I bought Cosima was her brother, Cosimo.The reader had seen a Cosimo for sale and offered to do a trade with me.We worked it all out,and here is Cosimo:

Cosimo is part of the Petra line.

He and Cosima are Petra's little brother and sister,(as far as I know).

Love the freckles.
Cosimo is about 7" tall, just like Cosima.

He has bendable knees, but he has a bum left leg,so it doesn't bend any more.

Still cute though!

This is his original outfit,minus his white shoes.

He was the ring bearer in his older sister Petra's wedding.
He arrived wearing his original outfit.When I bought Cosima, they were out of Cosimos, but they did have a bunch of boxed outfits for him.

They were 99 cents each!

This is a boys outfit. Very 80's.

(But no Cosima clothes. Typical.)

I bought these three of them,including the blue and white tennis outfit he's now wearing,(minus the socks that match the shirt's waistband and white shoes)

 I found his socks today!

The Cosima that matched with this Cosimo has centered eyes, like he does. My Cosima has side glance eyes, as does the Cosimo that matches her,so they can look at each other,(or away from each other, depending on their placement!)

It's nice that they are reunited,even if they aren't a matched set.

This is the Cosimo I wanted all those years ago, so I'm happy. 
  For those of you who have been following the progression of my daffodils, here's where they are right now:

And the peonies are starting to come back up.
I guess it's time I pulled up the old stems from last year and did some more raking.

 And that thing I never knew what it was until last year, when it finally turned into this: coming up again.

I need to move it,but I don't know what time of year you do that.
 If you did read yesterday's post, remember what I said about Gareth World stealing Masha's tricycle? Well...

See you tomorrow for Shrunken Saturday.


  1. I have the matching pair of the type of your Cosima + their aunt Peggy. And I have 3 Petra dolls and several "babies". I only need Fred. But he is awfully expensive on Ebay....

    1. I have never come across Fred myself. None of them were regularly carried in stores here. I found the Cosimo and Cosima in a closeout store that had a lot of imports and usual things. They were Odd Lots then Big Lots now, and they no longer carry all kinds of strange things.They used to be a lot more fun to shop!


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