Friday, March 10, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #69: Wee Wishes Happy Birthday Wee Patsy

 Today we are taking a break from the baby series to birthday!

Happy birthday to me!55 today. I'm getting white hairs these days,but Tammy World can stay young forever.

Tammy's friend, who is gifting her with a package for her geburtstag,(That's birthday in German.I got cards from two different German friends today,and Ivy is very aggrevated that I keep referring to it as my geburtstag!),is Wee Wishes Happy Birthday Wee Patsy.

Patsy was originally made in 1928,by Effanbee,as is our girl today. The Patsy doll has always been owned by Effanbee, but has been licensed to other doll companies over the years,like Ashton Drake.Today Effanbee is owned by the Tonner company.Tonner  bought the company after Effanbee filed for bankruptcy in 2002,and have made Patsy dolls since.

The original Patsy was sculpted by Bernard Lipfert, the doll designer responsible for the original Shirley Temple dolls in the 1930's.
As Ken would joke,"She's 'armless.".(Harmless.Use the English accent.)

She has bobbed hair,a popular style for girls and women in the 1920's.

Patsy was one of the first dolls to have her own wardrobe and family member dolls.Wee Patsy,at 5" tall,is a miniature version of the standard 14" Patsy. (There were larger Patsy's too.)
She has cute little blushy knees and painted on shoes and socks.
The first vinyl Patsy dolls were produced in the 80's.Although the dolls started in the 1920's and have been reproduced ever since, their look has stayed the same. This Effanbee Wee Patsy is a more recent reproduction.
She can't turn her head, but her arms and legs are strung,allowing her to sit.
The big flaw in these vinyl Effanbee Wee Patsy's is their tendency to lose their limbs.This girl came straight out of the box today with her arms off.

She's lucky though. Emma bought a set of Wee Patsy dolls with a house case years ago, and they lost both their arms and legs.(It was a set  with two dolls, so Emma named them Pee and Wee Patsy.)They can be easily restrung,but they should have come with better stringing in the first place.

So,we'll return to the babies tomorrow.Then after that we'll see if I got any dolls for my birthday...


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    1. Thanks Aubrey.How have you been? i've been a little worried about you.

  2. Happy birthday! I've been "getting white hairs" for a long time now. :)

    1. As a general rule(to which there are always exceptions), red haired people go gray later than other people.It's still weird to me. Being a red head has been such a part of my identity, so it's going to be very strange when it goes white!


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