Sunday, March 19, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #78:Babysitter Courtney

  I gave you a day off babies yesterday for Shrunken Saturday, but I have a couple more baby sets to show you. Today I have a beautiful Courtney doll for you too.

This is Babysitter Courtney from 1990. She's another of the sets I got at an auction,like the Babysitter Skipper I showed you the other day.

Courtney has the same head sculpt as Skipper, but somehow the darker hair tones down the excesses found in the big eyed,big haired Skipper.

I'm a Skipper collector, but I keep most of my collection to vintage Skipper, through the Mod Era. I have never been overly fond of the big head anime' eyed Skipper,but there are some pretty ones. Even more than that Skipper I like her friend Courtney.

 This Courtney has beautiful brown hair and green eyes. I don't care for her outfit though.

The baby is the same as the baby I showed you on Day 67. came with these accessories:soap, a bottle,rattle, blanket,tray,powder?, and doll for the baby...

A cardboard phone,popcorn,and jar of baby food. I hope Courtney and the baby aren't very hungry!
 A cardboard pen and pencil too.

A cardboard school book and can of pop. Wouldn't that leave you feeling a little 'dry'?

Apparently, music is an important part of babysitting,and wearing earphones and not being able to hear the baby cry is all important.The Walkman has to be snapped off the frame and put together. It actually opens and can hold the cassette.

 A cardboard school folder,a white plastic strap for the Walkman, stickers for the cassette,and a hairbrush.

 A cardboard piece of paper(???Couldn't they have made the paper out of paper?)

Tomorrow we'll start a whole new subject, although it won't be totally free of babies!

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  1. This is the dolls that I have. I got them in their box. But I did not remember that they came with so many things :">


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