Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #80: Miraculous Marinette

  I stayed in town on my birthday so I could see my son. So, I made a trip out of town the next week to have a birthday Olive Garden meal and do some shopping.One of the things I bought that day was today's doll,Miraculous Marinette,by Bandai.

I love her sweet face.

Miraculous Marinette is from the animated series Miraculous:Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir.The series takes place in France. You can watch it HERE
The back of her box.

She has an alter ego: the superhero Ladybug.

In fact,I first noticed this series of dolls last year,when they first came out. I saw them at Target,and immediately loved Ladybug.

 I still like her, but I decided her painted on mask gave her limited possibilities,so I have had Marinette on my want list.

If I was rich I'd have both. But I'm not,so I picked Marinette.

She comes with her pink backpack,which doesn't open.

I hate it when doll purses or bags of some kind don't open. They seem pretty pointless to me. I want to be able to put something in there. That's what they're for. Kids love being able to put stuff in doll bags. That's something I know my kids always did. Their dolls bags were always full of clothes,doll sized money, or,in Fuzzy's case,explosives,glasses with a false nose attached, and pick axes...

Her back pack has some decoration, including her initial.
 Her pink jeans have faux pockets and polka dot cuffs, which match the cuffs on her jacket sleeves,and the inside edges of her jacket.

Her blouse and jacket are made in one piece, which is disappointing, but undoubtedly helps keep her price down to $15.

Her shoes are fairly simple.

She is jointed at the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists,hips,and  knees.

Her head can tilt a little side to side, and look up, but not down.    

Her arms can go out to the sides and up and down.
Her legs can also go out to the sides.
Marinette is checking out the daffodils that have decided to grow outside the flower bed fence. Guess I need to move the fencing.

Marinette also noticed that the lilac bushes are budding.

Her dark hair isn't really black.It's blue!

This picture taken with flash helps the blue show up.

Is it because she has blue hair,or is it because,like characters with black hair in old comic strips and comic books,Marinette's black hair has blue highlights? Like,for example, Reggie in the old Archie comics...

...or Superman...

When I found her at Target, this was the only doll from the Marinette line on the shelves. I think they're being phased out, because a new version is coming out this year. She's a less casual version of Marinette.
I like mine better,although I do still like that ladybug.

Tomorrow we'll look at the other doll I got at Target that day.


  1. Marinette has blue hair in the animated series. This among other things makes some fans wonder why Marinette and Adrien never recognize each other as Ladybug and Chat Noir, despite being classmates and having a love quadrangle going on. For pete's sake, Adrien, Ladybug's hair is exactly like Marinette's!

    1. Ha! It's just like all super hero things. I can't believe Lois Lane never recognized Superman as being Clark Kent, just because Clark wore glasses. Come on!


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