Monday, March 6, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #65:Happy Family Neighborhood Shopping Fun Nikki

  Yesterday we saw the kids form the Teacher Barbie set. Whiile we're on the subject of babies and children,let's keep going. Today we're looking at Nikki, from the Happy Family Neighborhood Midge,Nikki, and Baby set.

She is not in her original dress.Her hair is still in it's original two ponytails and curly clump of bangs.

This Nikki,Midge's daughter, came in a set with Midge, the new baby,a shopping cart, and a grocery store set.

Her left hand has a magnet for holding her carton of milk.
Her right hand is molded holding a cookie.

There's a bite out of the cookie, and the fact that Nikki has been eating it shows on her face.

 She has pink cookie icing smears all over her mouth.(Plus she seems to have some lip scrapes.)

This is the edition of Midge that came with the set.(She's been redressed.)

Nikki measures 3 1/2" tall.

Here's the size comparison:
Current Chelsea size,old Kelly size,Teacher Barbie kid, Happy Family Nikki,(in a dress from the Nikki and Ryan fashion pack),Barbie sister Krissy,today's baby,Mattel baby marked China, Happy Family newborn baby. 

Come back tomorrow to see what baby we'll have.

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  1. Nikki reminds me of grocery shopping with our eldest daughter when she was a toddler. She'd always get a piece of lunch meat at the deli counter, and sometimes a cookie at the bakery.


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