Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #86:Halloween Chelsea Bumble Bee

    I know I promised a post on another of my birthday presents today, but we spent the day in the big city with Emma and Ivy, so I didn't have a chance to get that post done. Instead,"here's one we prepared earlier", as they say on cooking shows.
 You got a glimpse of this girl in that babies size comparison. Today she's getting her own day. She's Bumble Bee Chelsea.

  She was apparently a Target exclusive,but I'm not sure what year she's from.

She is only marked 'Chelsea' on her box, but she's a red head. I would think she is a Chelsea friend.

Speaking of hair, in spite how hers looks,I did really just comb her hair. Mind you, while I was trying to comb it, I was being chased around the living room by our rabbit, Jerome. Ok, maybe he just thought he was following me,or trying to catch up with me. However, Jerome isn't crazy about me for some reason, in spite of the fact that I rescued him from uncertain death,(You can read about that HERE.), so I'm always a little paranoid he might bite me. Imagine me running around the living room while combing a doll's hair,with a rabbit in hot pursuit. 
Her one piece bumblebee outfit Velcros in back and has a fuzzy bottom half.
She has the body of the current Barbie sister Chelsea.

Nope. Those aren't tights.She has yellow coloured legs. I hate it when they do that!
The shoes are removable though. They have little molded pom poms that are part the shoes,instead of real ones.At least they'll stay on better that way.

The Chelsea face is cute, but I do miss the old Kelly dolls.

Does anybody remember when Kelly was introduced as Barbie's baby sister, and she had a diaper,a crib, and a bottle? Why does Mattel keep making dolls grow up, and then have to come up with another sibling to be the baby? They made Kelly school age. Then they had to get Krissy to be the baby.  (And they made Skipper grow up so much at one point you could hardly tell a Teen Skipper from a Barbie. They realized that didn't work and made her younger again,but never as young as she started out. They gave that spot to Stacie.)

Chelsea seems to be somewhere between 6 and 8 in the Life in the Dreamhouse series.The doll is a bit short, compared to Barbie,to carry that off.

I liked it alot better when Barbie's relatives were consistent. If you add up all the sisters and brothers Barbie has had over the years, it adds up to a fairly large family...without a parent in sight. Let's count: Skipper,Tutti,Todd,Stacie,Kelly,Krissy,Chelsea.
  And what happened to ll the relatives that we don't hear about anymore? Tutti and Todd are middle aged now, Stacie is getting her Doctorate, Kelly graduated from high school a couple of years ago,and Krissy is about to graduate high school next year. (Oddly,Stacie doll,Emma's big obsession was first sold in 1990,the year before Emma was born,Kelly was 'born' in 1995,the same year as Tommy collector Fuzzy, and Krissy debuted in 1999,the same year as Ivy,who had a major Kelly obsession.)

  Tomorrow we'll get back to my birthday presents!


  1. I feel sorry for Mrs. Roberts. And it looks like she and Mr. Roberts are never going to have an empty nest!

    1. I know! And think of the age difference between those kids. Mrs Roberts has to be getting up there! She must be so tired.No wonder Barbie and Skipper have to do so much babysitting! She's probably their best customer.


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