Saturday, March 11, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #70:Shrunken Saturday:Happy Family Newborn/Unborn Baby

    First of all,I have to apologize for a couple of posts that were nothing but place holding titles getting published by accident yesterday. My computer keeps doing weird things, and that's not the first time lately it has done that. If you can hang out here long enough I promise those titles will become real posts soon! In the mean time we are still looking at babies. Today we're looking at this the Happy Family baby.

This baby is the same basic doll as the Happy Family baby that came with the pregnant Midge doll, (The Caucasian baby was pink, and I think the African American baby was darker that this baby, which is a medium brown. I'm not sure if there was an Hispanic set. If so, this may be the baby used in that set.), the 'Shopping Fun Midge,Nikki', and new baby set,and the 'Happy Family Baby Doctor Barbie' set. The Happy Family Baby Doctor set came with Barbie and two babies in isolettes.

The baby measures 1 3/4" long.

He/she has a jointed neck,arms,and legs. Partly, this was so the baby could be folded up into sort of a fetal position, and fit in the pregnent Midge detachable belly.
You can see why this was the newborn baby for Midge.It's super tiny.

It's so small, I don't think they even tried to make any clothes for it besides a hat. (There might have been a shirt in one set.) It just has a painted on diaper and a blanket.

It's a cute little baby though, and so tiny it could be used as a 1/12 scale dollhouse baby.
You can see in this picture the neck joint that allows the baby to not only turn it's head,but nod it up and down a little.
 Here's the size comparison again.:
Current Chelsea size,old Kelly size,Teacher Barbie kid, happy family Nikki,Barbie sister Krissy,today's baby,Mattel baby marked China, Happy Family newborn baby.
See you tomorrow for another doll.


  1. Hello again :-)
    Newborn baby Nikki did not have a painted on diaper. It did have a yellow sleeveless shirt. And I think that it had a rubber diaper similar to the ones some of the "Baby in my pocket" babies had.

    As a sidenote, I can tell you that at the same time that Mattel released the Nikki doll who was celebrating her first birthday, they re-released the Doctor Barbie set: It was almost exactly the same, but Barbie had darker hair, a purple gown instead of pink, and pink pants instead of purple, and the colours of the furniture was also inverted.

  2. No, I was wrong. Baby Nikki came with a cloth diaper with welcro. Tinkle Time Kelly's doll came with a rubber diaper that fits these babies. And that diaper is reminicent of the diapers of some versions of Baby in My Pocket.

    1. Thanks for the extra information. I was thinking there was a tiny little shirt of some sort,but I don't remember the tiny diaper.Must have been hard to keep velcroed!I do remember the purple/pink doctor Barbies.


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