Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #74:Barbie and Krissy Bedtime Baby Set

  I spent the day having my birthday shopping trip,since I didn't fit that in last week. I'll be showing you the goodies I found soon. In the meantime,today I'm showing you one of the sets I mentioned yesterday. It's the Barbie and Krissy set, Bedtime Baby,made in 2000..

I got a whole box of these sets at an auction. They were all complete, and unplayed with,and stored in big ziplock bags.

This set includes Barbie and Krissy,along with a crib and baby accessories.

A very pretty Barbie in cozy looking clothes.

Aw! Cute shirt.
And a cute little Krissy too. (Please ignore the nasty brown tape residue on the bed.)
The crib has a side that can go up and down and a removable mobile that can spin, and a sheer,star covered...uhh...covering? Canopy?  (And the stars glow in the dark! ) I'm pretty sure they used this fabric on a Barbie bed too.

The accessories include a blanket... bottle, baby powder,baby lotion, a pacifier,and...

What's that thing? I didn't get that.(guess this set's not complete...or mint either. It has developed brown spots on some things.)

Turns out, that last thing is an attachment that clips to Barbie's arm, and into Krissy's back.

It's supposed to let 'you and Barbie rock Krissy',by moving the switch on Barbie's back.

Krissy can also be attached to a bar in her bed the same way. 

And by moving the switch on the foot of the crib she can be made to move.

And the crib also uses batteries and plays music when Krissy's crib switch is used.

The battery door is under the crib.

You can watch the commercial for this set HERE.
And a few more pictures of this photogenic pair:

See you tomorrow!

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