Saturday, March 25, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #84:Shrunken Saturday: Cecily Small People Boy and Girl

  Today's Shrunken Saturday doll is two: these little dolls by Cecily.

I got these two at an auction years ago, before we had Ivy. Emma was blonde when she was little,and Fuzz's red hair was cut in a bowl cut,so we always called these kids 'Dollhouse Emma' and Dollhouse Fuzzy'. I always wanted a red haired girl to go with them to be Dollhouse Ivy.
These little dollhouse scale kids,from a line called 'Small People' are about 4" tall.

He's in worse shape than she is. The glaze on his face is yellowing.
They were made by a California miniature doll artist,(That is, the dolls are miniature, not the artist...), named Cecily. They're made of cast resin and their faces are hand painted. All the Cecily dolls are signed and dated on one foot.

He was made in 1981 and she was made in 1980.
'Cecily'  made a lot of these little dolls,making them all different while using alot of the same fabrics...

For example, there is a boy dressed in this fabric.
 ...and the same face. All the dolls,male and female,have the same face. It's not just the faces that are alike.All the body parts are the same. 

Her legs are actually just like his, only painted differently,and with a bead button on the sides of her shoes.
I love their faces. I think they all have freckles.

The bodies are cloth,but there is a wire armature running through them. Their heads can't move, but their arms and legs have some posing ability.

And they can sit down.

All the clothes and hats are hand made.

These guys are getting old now and their glaze is starting to yellow,and the glue is coming unglued. My girl's hat is turning brown,and the boy is missing the buttons from the front of his pants. Their clothes could do with a wash, but they aren't removable. I still love them though,and I still want an 'Ivy'.

  Tomorrow we'll get back to my birthday presents,and see another doll.

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