Thursday, March 30, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #88:Prettie Girls Lena

  This post is running late, and hopefully I'll be able to do today's post too. We'll see. If you've been reading the blog you'll know that I've been having internet problems lately. That's a little better now, but it's still going out occasionally. Now there's  problem loading pictures. It's been taking forever. That's what stopped this post very late last night, when I couldn't wait any longer. So I'm trying again today. There won't be any picture heavy posts until this is cleared up, but at least I can keep on schedual. Once I commit to something I hate to give up. So here's yesterday's post:

It was a sunny, but slightly chilly day today,but at least it was no longer raining. So here's my last birthday doll. She's Prettie Girls Lena.

She was a recent Walmart find, marked down to $2.50! (But Ken made me wait until my birthday to open her!)

'Prettie' comes from their motto, 'Positive, Respectful, Enthusiastic, Truthful, Talented, Inspiring, Excellent'.
Once the tape was peeled her box lid was opened. But then I was faced with this:

The inner flaps were taped to the box liner!
 Is this really necessary?! What a pain.

There are 6 dolls in the line.

The back of her box...

No mention of Tonner, although they are Tonner.

She was  attached to her backing with all this:
Although the white squares on the upper left are not holding her. They're holding these:

Ivy commented on the irony of the word 'pretty' being misspelled when she's saying the reason she's 'prettie' is that she's smart.

She comes with a purse and an extra sweater.

There was also this poster in the back of her box.

She has a cute plaid outfit.

It's actually two pieces,a shirt and skirt.

The tulle underskirt is part of the skirt.

The top can be removed and replaced by the sweater.

But she just slipped it on over her shirt. 

Her slip on shoes are actually a lot more red than the orangy red in her clothes.

The Tween Scene Prettie Girls are 16" tall.

They use the body from Tonner's earlier Little Miss Matched dolls, (You can see my posts on my Little Miss Matched dolls HERE and HERE.),who borrowed their bodies from Tonner's Maudlynne  Macabre. (You can see my post on Maudlynne HERE.)

 With jointing at the neck, shoulders,elbows,waist,hips, and knees, they are very posable.

The Prettie Girls line started out with a line of 11 1/2" fashion dolls. There were also the Prettie Girls NYC and the Prettie Girls Dream Babies. All of these lines were sold by Tonner. The Tween Scene Prettie Girls were sold at regular stores.

Even though the Prettie Girls use the Maudlyn and Little Miss Matched body, I don't think they pose nearly as well.

Lena's knee joints are alot more loose than theirs,making her standing poses harder to maintain.
Her knees kept bending.
Her plastic seems to be a lower quality too. She has white stress type marks at her knee joints straight out of the box.

Her face is a lot more serious than Little Miss Matched.

Her hair is fairly silky and fun to brush.

I like Lena,but I think I like the silly faces of Little Miss Matched better.

See what doll I'll come up with tomorrow.

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