Thursday, March 9, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #68: Solid Mattel Baby

  We're looking at another baby today. It's this one piece baby by Mattel.

The baby measures 2 1/4" long.

It has a molded on,painted diaper.

Sorry, this baby spent the winter on the porch step too.Alright.I'll come clean,(even if this baby won't.). This stuff was rescued from my flooded basement and was so cruddy I left it outside to be washed by the weather before I even attempted to do anything with it.They were out there for a few months (Because I kept forgetting about them,or because when I thought of them they were covered with snow or frozen to the step.),with a Kitchen Littles turkey and some doll shoes, etc.At this point this baby is lucky to look this good.
There's no year, only 'China 7', and Mattel Inc.

Does anybody know where this baby comes from?

It's very similar to the Barbie and Skipper baby we saw yesterday,only slightly smaller and without the jointed neck.
And once again, here's that size comparison:
Current Chelsea size, older Kelly size,Teacher Barbie kid,Happy Family Nikki,Mattel baby marked 1973,today's baby,and Happy Family newborn baby.
    Tomorrow we'll be taking a break from the babies to look at a special doll, because it's a special day,for me anyway. It's my birthday!But if you've been following the babies,don't worry. We'll get back to the babies on Saturday.See you tomorrow.


  1. I got a baby with a purple diaper in an Ebay lot and did some research. What I know is that they were triplets, where the last one has a pink diaper. They came in some set with Barbie or Skipper, if I remember correctly, and they had many accessories. And a similar one with a white diaper also exists.

  2. I got it. told me that this tinier baby type came from a Cool Careers fashion set from 1995. I Googled that, and found a set with clothes for three careers where Dr. Barbie's fashions came with the baby with a white diaper.

  3. Ive searched for hours trying to find out where these doll from I have all 3


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