Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #67 :Barbie Baby

  Today's baby is this little guy.
 Update: I found I did have a nicer example. Same baby type,different colour hair.

This is the baby from the Babysitter Courtney set. You can see that post HERE
I apologize for the state of him, but he's the only example I have at the moment.

Sorry, but this baby spent the winter on my porch step and he looks a bit rough now.Don't ask.
The baby measures 2 3/4" long.

This baby is almost exactly the same as the babies from the 1994 Babysitter Skipper set.

But they have a ponytail.
 And even more like the babies from the CoolSitter Skipper set,which came later.

But the copyright is 1973,so obviously the mold was used for another baby before.

 This baby has a jointed neck, so it can turn it's head.
But for reference purposes, this baby and the others like it are often sold as being the babies from the Happy Family series, and they are NOT.
Here's the size comparison:

Current Chelsea size,old Kelly size,Teacher Barbie kid, happy family Nikki,Barbie sister Krissy,today's baby,Mattel baby marked China, Happy Family newborn baby. 
Come back tomorrow for another doll.


  1. I have read that the body of these was designed for the Sunshine Family baby and the Happy Family baby (this family was the AA version of the Sunshine family).
    And when the Heart Family twins got a new sibling Mattel reused the body mold, but designed a new head marked 1985.

  2. By the way, I have a cute little girl from the set called "Babysitter Courtney" where Skipper's BFF babysits only one baby, and it does not have hair other than what is molded and painted on. There was also a similar set with Skipper.
    And I have 2 dolls that were bought at a Saturday Market: one doll like that one, only it has one colour eyes like the Heart Family and Petra babies. And one that looks like a clone of the Sunshine Family baby, only it does not have inset eyes. :-)

    1. Is there a maker on the Sunshine Family type baby?I wonder if another company stole the molds of the Mattel baby,or if they leased them to another company.The painted eyes would be a big difference from the inset ones.

    2. No. No markings on the clone.
      The other ones have the proper Mattel markings. The one bought with Courtney has light brown molded hair and eyes that are white, purplish blue and black with a white dot and black lashes. And the last one has dark yellow molded hair and light blue eyes with dark blue/black pupils, a white dot and a hint of black lashes.


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