Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 # 73: Fashion Corner Mommy's Having Twins

  Looks like you guys are going to be stuck with babies for a few more days, because I did some digging today and found several mint and complete sets I forgot I had. Whoo hoo!
  But first of all is a not mint and sort of complete set. It's the Fashion Corner set Mommy's Having Twins, by Lucky.

It's from 1997.

Inspired by Mattel's pregnant Midge set, Lucky decided to jump on the bandwagon and get their dolls banned from stores too.

Anatomically correct?Tell me if I'm wrong, but I didn't think women had gaping holes in their organ free stomachs.
Not to mention other anatomical incorrectitudes...
The difference between Fashion Corner lady's pregnant belly and Midge's,is Midge had a hollow magnetic removable belly. Fashion Corners lady has a  hole in her body,and a solid pregnant belly that is held in place by two little hinges,one on each side.
It can be turned around for an usually flat stomach when Fashion Corner lady is not pregnant.
Talk about abs. I don't care how many crunches you do. Nobody's stomach is that flat.

The 'sort of complete' aspect of this set is this: Fashion Corners lady is very cheaply made, and at one point her box fell, and she shattered. She lost her limbs.

At this point she's a head,an arm, and a dress. Don't know why she was allowed to keep that random arm...
  In an atypical moment of common sense I threw her body away! (What came over me?)
  But I kept the other stuff,including the twins, and their toys.

The twins' things are attached to one of those plastic frame things. They are in halves and have to be snapped off and put together. How is that not a children's choking hazard? Mom's comb looks suspiciously like the Barbie combs from the 70's.

  Now for the twins.
They came burrito wrapped like the one on the right. (There was no way I was figuring out how to refold that rectangle into the burrito again. My life is worth too much to waste it doing that...)  As you can see, they have some molded details,which include strange breasts.
They are identical.

They measure almost 1 3/4" long.Their bodies are plastic, but their limbs and head are rubbery.
They have faint, painted hair. And look at those pruney newborn arms.
They have jointed necks and limbs. They can move their arms and legs,and turn their heads.
Good thing, because they both have to be able to cram into that torso.
These babies look more newborn Midge's very alert kid.

See you tomorrow for another doll.


  1. Replies
    1. Which were you wanting? I'm willing to let the Fashion Corner babies go. Comment with your contact information,(which I won't print), and we'll work something out.

  2. How much would you sell Fashion Corners babies for?? Very interested.

    1. How about $12 plus shipping? That's for the babies,their yellow blankets, and their toys pack. Shipping is based on where you live of course. Comment again with your email address,(which I won't publish.) if you're interested and we'll work out the details.


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