Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Doll-a-Day 2017 #87:Disney Animator's Collection Mini Doll Playset Alice in Wonderland

  It's a chilly, rainy day today. I am staying inside for this one.Today we're finally getting around to a doll I got for my birthday almost 3 weeks ago. She's mini Alice, from the Disney Animator's Collection.
She comes in this nice plastic case...which won't stay closed.
There is a clear plastic insert inside, and everything is held to it by stretchy plastic ties.

 I love the large 16" Disney Animator's dolls. These little ones aren't all as cute as the big ones, but I like a lot of them. Alice is one I do like.

The mini animator's dolls are 5" tall.
They have slightly different faces from the big dolls. The cheeks are more prominent, for one thing.

Her hair is a solid block.

And she still has plastic ties in her head.
There is so much gunk in her hair that it's a solid piece. I can't imagine how kids would be able to play with this hair.

She's wearing her 'Alice band'.

The hair band became very popular after 'Alice' wore one in Through the Looking Glass. It became known as an 'Alice band'.
I collect Alice things anyway. I have several versions of the Alice books,with different illustrators,(Although my favourites are the original illustrations by Sir John Tenniel.),Alice glasses,(The kind you drink out of.), an Alice mug,Alice Christmas ornaments,and,of course, Alice dolls. You may have seen some of my Alice books and dolls during my 'Alice Week', part of the first Doll-A-Day year in 2014. You can go to the beginning of that 'Week' HERE.

 The mini Animator's Alice has articulation at the neck,shoulders,and hips and knees.

Her legs are white plastic.

Alice's shoes and dress are removable.

The apron is part of the dress.
Alice comes with the White Rabbit...

...the Red Queen...
Testy looking character,isn't she? It made for one hilarious outtake from the photo session:

Very testy!

But Why is she tinier than Alice?

I don't know why, but she's really ticked off about it.
She must have had the stuff Alice did that made her shrink.

...the rose bush from the Queen's garden...
Surprise! The flowers are colour changing! Clever and fitting feature.

...and the paint brush for painting the white roses red...
It's a sponge. Warm water changes the roses from white to...a weird purple colour?
The brush has a little handle on it so she can actually hold it. Of course, Alice didn't paint the roses.

Stupidly I put it in her hand backwards at first.
That's better.
...the flamingo for using as a croquet mallet...

...and a hedgehog for using as the croquet ball...

The flamenco is sparkly.

...(I'm not cruel. That's what the Red Queen and her guests were playing with in the book.)...

...a hairbrush...

Yeah right. Like she could get that brush through that hair.

...and the Cheshire Cat.

He's very sparkly.

I have said before that I'm not big on the Disney version of Alice. I'm really critical of movies made from the Alice books. None of them meet up to my expectations,so the Disney one isn't singled out. I do think they made Alice way too sweet.Alice was a somewhat disagreeable kid in the books.The original illustrations actually make her look quite grouchy.
To be fair, in this picture she was being attacked by live cards.
And the character got pretty fed up with several of the characters and situations she had to face. She wasn't shy about letting it be known either. She was particularly annoyed by the Mad Hatter and Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee,and the queen herself. (And who wouldn't have been?)

And now for a recent mystery. We got this Alice a few months ago-after Christmas I'm sure. She had been marked down to $10. When we were at the Disney Store a few weeks ago they were all gone,however they did have the 16" Alice Animator's doll. Since then,the 16" doll has disappeared from the stores and skyrocketed in value. It now sells for over $100! What is the deal with this doll?! She was a new doll,and then she vanished. When we went to the Disney Store yesterday we looked for the 16" doll. Ken even asked the girl at the counter if they had her. She said,"No. Not yet." Not yet?! What?! You HAD her! Maybe that means they are going to get them again soon. If they do,I'm nabbing one.

Check back tomorrow to see if the weather cooperates enough for me to show you my last birthday doll.


  1. This is really cute.
    It's sad that Disney don't make anywhere near as much Alice merch and dolls as virtually every other character.

    1. Very true. I've found more Alice stuff at Hot Topic.


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