Sunday, March 12, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #71: Barbie's Baby Sister Krissy

 Today we're having a look at Barbie's littlest sibling,Krissy.

Krissy was first produced in 1999,the same year as my youngest,Ivy. In fact,the Krissy set 'Baby Layette' was Emma's gift when Ivy was born,and she named her Krissy 'Ivy the Doll',(To go with her 'Emma the Doll' and Fuzzy's 'Fuzzy the Doll'.).

Ivy was obsessed with Krissy from a very young age.(This was before she latched on to her even bigger obsession,Kelly.)
Krissy can turn her head, and her arms and legs are strung,so she has some flexibility.Unfortunately, sometimes the stringing becomes loose, and she gets Dangly Limb Syndrome!

Krissy was discontinued in 2001.Ivy was a bit young for such tiny toys, but as with her siblings, I was always there, and she played with things beyond her age recommendation.I don't recommend that in general, but I think some age recommendations can be disregarded with supervision, and taking the child into consideration:how they play,how mature they are despite their age,(Do they still put toys in their mouths,etc.) and their intellect. Anyway,Ivy had just about all the Krissy playsets that included a Krissy doll:Baby Layette,Scrub-A-Dub-Dub,and Swing 'N Play,as well as the Barbie and Krissy set,Barbie and Krissy Stroll 'N Play. I'm not sure if one of them had the sets Barbie and Krissy Bedtime Baby and Walking Barbie with Baby Sister Krissy.I know the bits have been around the house for years, but I'm not sure which of us had them, or if they were new or second hand. Other sets were Barbie and Krissy Magical Mermaids, and Barbie and Krissy Princess Palace. There were also some playsets that didn't come with a doll, the Barbie Nap 'N Play Nursery,Krissy Playroom Playset and Baby Krissy Home Nursery.

This is the outfit from the Bedtime Baby set.
 The Krissy sets came with so many cute little accessories.There were some really great detailed baby toys.
  The Stroll 'N Play set came with two dolls.In the Caucasian set the second doll was a light brown skin tone. Below is the African American Krissy, and in the comparison with three dolls you can see all three skin tones.
This is not a Krissy outfit. I think it's Happy Family Nikki.

All three skin tones, light brown,pink, and dark.The first doll has damage to her head, but she's the only example of this skin tone I have.
As our model Midge shows us, Krissy, at 2 3/4" long,was a really nice size for a 1/6 scale baby.

And here's that size comparison again:
Chelsea size,Kelly size,Teacher Barbie kid,Happy Family Nikki,Krissy,Mattel baby marked 1973,Mattel baby marked China,Happy Family newborn baby
   Come back and see which baby we're looking at tomorrow.


  1. I have the original Baby Krissy set. I think it must be part of child development how kids integrate dolls into their ideas of family. When I was little I used to pretend to change my Raggedy Ann's diaper like my mom was changed my younger sister's diaper. Even though I was only two and had to get poor Ann up on the changing table by swinging her up by the leg.

    1. Poor Ann! When Emma was tiny she used to nurse her doll,even before we had Fuzzy. She nursed until she was two,and I can't remember how old she was when she did that. But it was hilarious,because she would just stick her doll under her shirt and,prop her elbow on Cindy's head, and start sucking her thumb!


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