Thursday, March 23, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #82: Masha

     I was going to continue the posts on my birthday dolls, but the rest aren't ready, so today I'm showing you a doll that came here all the way from Hungary. You may have read my post a while back on Cosima.(If not, you can see it HERE.)  I mentioned in that post that when I bought Cosima, the doll I really wanted was her  brother Cosimo.  Well, one reader sent me a message saying she had spotted a Cosimo, and would I like to make a trade. I took her up on the offer. With the way shipping is, it's often just as cheap to send a bunch of things as it is to send one. So we started adding things. She sent me some beautiful things.

Here are the non doll goodies.

Straight from Hungary!

A little ceramic tureen, or whatever you call it.

A hand painted wooden plate. It's a magnet.

I didn't realize it at first, but these little people are salt and pepper shakers.

This tiny pegasus was tucked inside the tureen...casserole...whatever.

Her mother made this doily for me!

 She also sent me Cosimo of course. We'll see him tomorrow. But first,the doll we're seeing today is the other one she sent me. Her name is Masha.

She's the star of the children's series Masha and the Bear,and made by Simba.

My trade lady sent me a link to some dolls available in Hungary, and Masha was one of them. I like her silly little face, and I loved the tricycle too, so I chose this one.

Please,nobody tell me this one is available here! (Because I know Masha is shown here.)

Masha is about 5" tall.

Her body is beefier then a Kelly or Chelsie doll, with a much larger head.

She has jointed knees so she can 'pedal' her tricycle..

The pedals turn as the tricycle is pushed. Her feet came rubber banded to the pedals.

Her tricycle is a great size for Kelly and Tommy sized dolls.

Her scarf is removeable,and luckily without untying it, because I am horrible at bows and knots. 

Her cute face is spattered with freckles.

Masha has short hair, pulled up on top in a small ponytail.

Her little ear is sticking out of her hair.

I like Masha, but I have a feeling her tricycle is going to get stolen by Gareth World...

  Bogi, thanks for everything! Here are the dolls I have for you, and there are a few surprises! Let me know if you want to kick any of them out. (They won't be offended!)
That's Pizza Party Chelsea in the middle. Her hair is still wet from her bath. The two Stacies are actually pretty different.

The two Kellys on the left are different,(The top one has arms that go out to the sides.), but the two on the right are identical.

Amusement Park Ryan has freckles, and cut hair.

Teen Skipper, Krissy, and Fox Kelly.

These two Tommy's have slightly different colour hair.

The girl on the left could do with a reroot. Melody is the first Melody made, and she's nice.

Chelsea is a little out of focus.
  Come back tomorrow to visit with Cosimo.


  1. I see no Chelsea here. Only a tall body Kelly.

    Does Masha have an Evi-type body?

    1. Hmmm. You could be right about that Chelsea/Kelly. The face does seem more Kelly now that I look at her. As for the other question, I'm not that familiar with Evi,so I couldn't say.


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