Thursday, March 16, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #75:Babysitter Skipper

   I spent the day today with a daughter,(Emma),and my sister,to celebrate her birthday,which is Sunday. Since our birthdays are 9 days apart we always had to share a birthday celebration when we were kids. But we're also 6 years apart,so that wasn't very popular. And everybody deserves their own day that's all about them. I always made sure my kids were totally spoiled on their birthdays.    Anyway,today I'm showing you the Babysitter Skipper set from 1994.

There are those babies I was talking about last week!

I've come across these babies so many times since 1994!
Now I know what the velcro was for!

These babies are rather 'attached' to Skipper!

And the fabric of Skipper's clothes makes more sense now too. These kids had to stick.

There are three cute babies in this set.

The red head has big curls.

The brunette (my favourite.)has loose waves.

And the blonde has crimped hair.

And all of it gets caught in the velcro, explaining another thing:why these babies so frequently have frizzy hair!

Skipper herself has long, curly hair.

She also has that big head and almost anime' eyes this era of Skipper is known for.
Unfortunately all the babies have blue eyes, even the brunette. What do doll makers have against brown eyes?!

The accessories include  a flat plastic doll,a couple of baby bottles, a divided plate, a spoon,a rattle,a bar of soap,a can powder?,and a tray?,and a hair brush...

 A chart to keep track of which baby has had what done...

 ...what I'm guessing is a diaper pail...
...and a bag,

which contains...

 ...bibs for the babies with secret names on them! Funny.All the names used on the sample bibs in the picture were later used for Barbie babies and children. Somebody's psychic or just got lazy. And look at the hairdo on that kid.

Tomorrow will be another set of dolls. See you then.

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  1. Mattel probably has those names registered, which is why they would get reused. Long ponytails on babies that small is funny, but I'm sure little girls love the hair.

    My sister and I were born on the same day, although she is only two years younger than I. Through a strange twist, we also ended up getting married on the same day (my sister forgot my wedding anniversary, so she didn't know it was the same day.) Now when one of us dies...


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