Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #66 Happy Family Neighborhood Baby Friends

  Today we're having a look at some more babies/kids.It's the Happy Family Neighborhood Kids.

These little guys came in a pack of three kids.

They also came with a table and 4 chairs,since they were supposed to be celebrating at Midge's daughter Nikki's birthday party.
I have no idea why I only have two, as I know I got them new.Maybe I split a set with Ivy.Neither of us can remember.

You'll notice that the red haired girl I have is wearing the clothes from the Asian girl I can't locate. I thought I knew what doll I had put the red head's clothes on, but they have vanished,leaving behind a naked Kelly.(Some of the clothes fit Tommy and Kelly.)

She has cute, and VERY tiny braids, and bangs, but the rest of her hair is painted.

I LOVE this little guy.Check out his hair.

Like the girls',it's a combination of painted and rooted.

These little kids were meant to be the friends of Happy family Midge's daughter Nikki, and were the same size,(3" tall), as the toddler Nikki dolls from sets like Happy Family Shopping Fun,(the Nikki we saw yesterday.), and Happy Family Hometown Fair.
I love his little overalls too.By the way, their shoes don't stay on very well.But they can stand unassisted because of their shoes.

They can wear the clothes made for Nikki in the one clothing pack produced for Nikki and Ryan.

Again, here's that size comparison:
Current Chelsea size,older Kelly size,Teacher Barbie kid,Happy Family Nikki,which is the same size (same body) as today's dolls,Barbie sister Krissy,Mattel baby marked 1973,Mattel baby marked only China,and Happy Family newborn baby

See you tomorrow for another baby.

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