Saturday, March 18, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #77:Shrunken Saturday:Ton-Chan doll

  Today's doll is this Ton-Chan doll.

I thought it was a boy, but I researched 'him', and pretty much all I could find was that Ton-Chan is a girl.
Her outfit is stained and the collar is unraveling. I need to find her some new Mod style clothes.

She just had a fresh face wash,and it's a little wet.
She's made by Takara.

I think the series of dolls she is from is called Chibikko.

You may have seen her before in my post about a doll show where my friend Connie gave her to me. You can see that post HERE.

 This is what she was wearing when Connie gave her to me. It could have just been Connie, or a previous owner's attempt to prevent nudity,but the tag is partially in Japanese and says Made in Japan,so it may be her original outfit.
It does seem to need a bottom half though.

I'm not sure what era this doll is from. I think she's 60's or 70's.
She's wearing undies.
She has a very similar body to the Hasbro Dolly Darlings dolls,but she's slightly bigger.

She's about 5" tall.

  See you tomorrow when----surprise!----we'll have another doll.

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