Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Doll-A-Day #158:Madame Alexander Fancy Nancy

  I showed you a mini Fancy Nancy doll a while back.(You can see her HERE.) Today's doll is Fancy Nancy too, based on the children's books by Jane O'Connor,but by Madame Alexander.

The Fancy Nancy from the books would never be found barefoot in the woods!
She measures about 10" tall to the top of her hair, but only 9" to the top of her head.

 She has loads of little ringlets in her multicoloured hair.

Look at her squiggly eyebrows.

She is made of a very nice vinyl. It's very smooth.

Her smirky face reminds me of Eloise.

Kay Thompson's Eloise, illustrated by Hillary Knight.
But it's really based on the Fancy Nancy illustrations by Robin Preiss Glasser.

But maybe she was influenced by Hillary Knight.

She has 'high heel' feet.

She was found at Goodwill a while back, (The same store as the one from the recently featured glut of dolls.),completely naked,so she is wearing a vintage dress that I got in the bag of clothes from the recent Goodwill finds.

This particular Madame Alexander doll came in several different 'fancy' outfits from the books.

This one is Posh Puppy.

This one is Fashion Boutique.

This one is Bonjour Butterfly.

Uhh...I know it was a book cover,but which book?!
There was even a Christmas outfit with a coat.

It's Splendiferous Christmas.

 I would love to have the Christmas one.
   I've mentioned before that some of the dolls and figures I have are because they remind me of my children's loves from their childhoods, and the happy times we had playing and reading together when they were small. Fancy Nancy,apart from being a cute doll in her own right,was one of Ivy's favourite book series when she was little.

See you tomorrow for another doll.


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