Thursday, June 22, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #173: Lenci Bettina Reissue

 The doll today is this little girl.

She's Bettina.

She's a reproduction of a vintage Lenci doll from 1928.

I guess technically she's a 'reissue'.

Lenci was an Italian company,founded in 1918.

The astute amongst you will see that she couldn't stand unsupported.

Most of  the original dolls had heads made of cardboard,covered with pressed wool felt. Others had stuffed heads.

The faces are hand painted.

Although Bettina has centered eyes,Lenci dolls are famous for their side glance eyes and serious expressions.

She definitely has the 'serious' thing covered.

Her arms can actually lift up,but they can't stay that way. She isn't poseable at all. Her head can't turn and her legs are unmoveable, so she can't even sit down.

She can put her hands in her pockets.
 Bettina measures 14" tall.

She has a bunny,also made of felt.

Her dress and shoes are made of felt too.



The front of her dress has felt flowers,and her pockets are decorated with felt too.

And she even has a felt flower in her hair.

But her slip and onesie are made of cotton.

Look at her blushy little knees!

Her shoes and clothes are removeable.Her dress buttons on the back.

Blushy elbows too.
Original Lenci dolls had hair made of mohair or human hair.I'm not sure what her hair is.

 It's not mohair. Human hair? Eww. Actually, I don't like her hair at all. It looks really dry,and the hair-do looks the one my Mom wore. And it's gray. Why does a little girl have gray hair?

Some of you may be familiar with Dare Wright's Lonely Doll books. The books told the adventures of a doll named Edith. Edith was a Lenci doll. I loved those books as a kid,so even though I didn't know what kind of doll Edith was,I guess she influenced me. I love Lenci dolls. I got this one for a really good price.I have a weakness for cute children's clothing,and her dress and onesie are so sweet. I don't think she has the charm of the originals though. Her face isn't as sweet, her eyes aren't as appealing to me, and I really don't like that hair. For those reasons,she is just passing through.

I'll be letting her go.It was nice to have her though,even if just for a while. I never got to handle a real Lenci,other than looking at some auction dolls I was afraid of damaging.

She seems a bit offended I'm getting rid of her.
 Tomorrow we'll check out another doll.

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  1. She will perk up when she gets an owner who is thrilled to get her.


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