Thursday, June 15, 2017

Doll-A_Day 2017 #166:Klumpe Flaminco Dancer

  Today we're looking at this Flamenco dancer.

She's made by the Klumpe company.

Klumpe character dolls are made of felt, and have distinctive arched eyebrows.

This lady measures just over 11" tall.

Klumpe dolls are similar to Nistis dolls,like myNistis bullfighter, but bring generally higher prices.

You can see the whole post on this Nistis bullfighter HERE.

She has a problem with her feet.

The left foot is backwards.It's made that way because the legs aren't posable.

Klumpe dolls are hard to find any information on. They were made in Spain,and were what would probably be called souvenir dolls.

A catalog of Klumpe dolls from their original era suggests them for toy stores,so I guess they were also sold as toys for children, although their poses can't be changed.According to the catalog the most popular  dolls sold as toys were the dancers and sports figures,and "the entire AA series". (Whatever that meant in those days.)

The catalog also suggests the dolls for store window displays,for florists to include dolls fitting the occasion with flower arrangements,as center pieces for caterers, and for interior designers to use the dolls on lamp bases, or in shadow boxes,fitting the theme of the doll to the room,(Like a chef or cook for the kitchen,or the Can Can dancer or drunkard for a bar.The Can Can dancer?),or interests of the child whose room is being decorated.

I happened across this doll at a  yard sale.

My favourite Klumpe,of the ones I've seen pictures of, has to be the red haired girl with a suitcase,coat, and umbrella.
  See you tomorrow for another doll.

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