Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #179:Starr

  Today's doll is Starr.

Starr was made by Mattel in 1979/80.

She was meant to fill the 'high school era' void Barbie left when she decided to become every profession in the world.

Starr had two friends, Tracy (an African American),and Kelley,(a redhead), and a boyfriend named Shaun.

Kelley was a cute side glancing doll whose head sculpt was also used for the Heart Family Mom, and Barbie's cousin Jazzie.

Heart Family Mom.
 Tracy's  head sculpt was also used for Jazzie's friend Chelsie, and didn't look good on either of them.

And Chelsie. See what I mean?!
Starr and her friends attended Springfield High School. (I'm guessing Bart and Lisa were still at the elementary...)

 I was actually born in a town called Springfield, and I have noticed that the name is used for an inordinate number of towns in TV shows and movies,and even books. It's sort of an 'everytown'. At least, it seems to be to writers, but every time I hear 'Springfield', I think of where I'm from.

Her eyes have red highlight dots!
I don't have Starr's original clothes,so she's wearing Tracy's outfit.




The jackets were the same for both of them.

 I thought the 'S' on Starr's jacket was for Starr,but it must be for 'Springfield High School',because it's on Tracy's jacket too. 

Starr has super curly hair. I'm afraid to comb it much to tidy it up, because I'm afraid I'll destroy it!

But she's one of the few Mattel fashion dolls to not have blue eyes.

Even if they do have blue highlights.

Starr's boyfriend Sean had the jointed 'Young Sweethearts'  Michael body. Starr has an original body that,as far as I can find, was only used on the Starr line of dolls.

She has  a twist waist that also allows her to tilt.

 Her jointed elbows are covered with rubber 'skin',but her wrist joints show.

Her elbows can bend quite a bit,and do hold a pose really well .

Her wrists are poseable, but the hand doesn't rotate at all.

 Her shoulders have swivel shoulder joints that look a little unusual.

In fact, her whole body looks a little strange. Her clothes help camouflage it.Her neck is extra long.


 And clothes don't even seem to camouflage that.

Her head can tilt. Her neck joint tends to get loose over time,and not hold a pose.

There were separate fashions made for Starr and friends,and also a car.

For some reason, even though they sold well, the Starr line wasn't very long lived.


 Today if you are buying a Starr doll, check for yellowed limbs and loose joints, especially the neck.

Her legs are very yellowed above the knees,and not much better below the knees.

Come back tomorrow for another doll.


  1. I reviewed these recently and brushing these dolls' hair is an absolute no-no. I tried it with my first doll and she ended up looking like Albert Einstein. That doll eventually needed a haircut. These are so cute, though! The redhead has the sweetest little face.

    1. Whoa! Good thing I didn't try then,because I am bad with hair at the best of times! Yes, i like the Kelley too. I'd love to have one of those.

  2. easy fix, put a coffee cup in the microwave for two min then pour it over the dolls hair, it tames the friz and you can re-curl her hair using straws and good bobby pins. (put the straws on before you pour the hot water over her hair or else she'll wind up with straight hair I do this with all my thrift store barbies and Monster high dolls and Brats dolls) the tutorial for curling hair is on youtube.

    1. I wouldn't even dare try. I can't even curl my own hair! I was raised by my dad from the age of twelve, and I never learned that stuff!


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