Saturday, June 3, 2017

Doll-a-Day 2017 #154 Shrunken Saturday:Ivy's Collection:Tiny Japanese Dolls

   Today is my oldest,Emma's, birthday.Happy birthday Emma! I can't believe she is now the age I was when I met Ken. It doesn't feel like it was that long ago that I was 26 myself.
  Not too long ago I featured dolls and figures from Emma's collections. Well she's not the only child I have who collects dolls and figures. Ivy has an interesting selection of dolls too. Occasionally I'm going to feature something from her collection. Today's Shrunken Saturday dolls are these tiny little people who belong to Ivy.

These tiny dolls are obviously old. I'm pretty sure those clothes are made of silk.

Those aren't hairs.Those are stray threads.


They are only 2 1/2" tall.

"Wow! We're so small!"
Ivy bought them at a doll show a few years ago,and I've always loved them. There was another set that she was thinking about buying too.I thought about buying them if she didn't,even though they weren't quite as nice as this pair. She didn't buy the other pair, but I forgot to too.

The little guy has a top knot,and some stray sideburns.

And just a little 5 o'clock shadow on his head.

"Aww. Was that really necessary?"
Unfortunately, he also  has a head that has come loose from his body. That's the only reason he can turn his head.

"Eww! Are you kidding me?!"

I think they're made of bisque, but they have a lovely smooth feeling.

They have some, but very little detail in their hands and feet. 

They're barefoot. I wonder if they originally had those Japanese shoes.

 These are called geta.

 As are these.
The soles of the shoes are various heights for a reason. They were to keep the bottom of the kimono from touching the ground. The taller ones were for snowy weather.Ivy was very into Asia when she was little,so she has several Chinese and Japanese dolls.These are some of my favourites in her collection though.

I love them both,but I like the little guy best.

See you again tomorrow.

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