Monday, June 19, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #170: Mystery Prarie Girl

  Today's doll is a cute little girl.She's this mystery girl in a frontier dress.

She has a sweet face,with pretty brown eyes.

She measures about 10 1'2" tall.

Her only markings are 'Hong Kong' on the back of her head...

...and 'Made in Hong Kong' on her back.

I would guess her to be from the late 60's or early/mid '70's.

The snaps on the back of her dress prove she's older.

She only had one sock on when I found her,so obviously she had originally shoes and socks.

She has feet sort of like Fred Flintstone,and those little spread fingered hands that were really common in dolls of this era.

Her head is on a ball joint, so she cam tilt her head any way she likes.


...or to the sides.

Another doll tomorrow? Of course.

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