Monday, June 26, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #177: More Yard Sale Goodies: A Pile of Tinkerbell Friends

   Yesterday we saw a My Twinn I got at a yard sale. Today I'm showing you some other dolls I got at a yard sale later the same day.

It's Tinkerbell and friends. These were dressed.

And these weren't.

These tiny dolls are slightly taller than the larger Polly Pocket dolls.

I think they are  from a set like this one:                .

 Tinkerbell and her friend are each wearing one of the dresses from this set.

Oh.Pixie Sweets. That explains the cupcake theme.

They didn't all have their removeable plastic wings.

 And the wings I got weren't all attached. I may have put the wrong wings on some of them.

I also got a dress and pair of wings, which came in handy. I'll show you those tomorrow.

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