Thursday, June 8, 2017

Doll-A-Day #159:Hong Kong Mystery Girl: Kitty Coed?

Another UPDATE: I believe I found out who she is. I'm pretty sure she's Kitty Coed, by Huggles Fun World. I found this picture online. I hope no one minds if I borrow it. If the owned wants me to remove it, I gladly will.


Update: I accidentally deleted a comment left by a reader who found a similar doll online. Could whoever  left the message please leave it again?! I really wanted to check that out.

Today's doll is another mystery girl. She's this little lady.

Her only markings are 'Hong Kong'.

She stands only about 7" tall.

Her head is on a ball joint, so she can tilt her head or look up or down.

These are her original shoes,which were on her when I got her.(I don't remember where that was.)

She had no clothes though, so I sorted out this dress for her, that should be somewhere around the same age she is.

She's had a hair cut, but her hair is rooted to be in two ponytails.

She has just about enough hair to put in the ponytails, and not much more!

She has a cute face though.

If anybody recognizes her, let me know who she is.

Come back tomorrow for another doll.


  1. I found a similar doll. Right era, right body style, right size, same hair colour and style, same markings. Not 100% certain it's the same face but the pics on the other site are grainy.

  2. could she be a chealsa clone?

    1. She's quite a bit taller than Chelsea,but also much older. This doll is most probably mid to late 60's or early 70's. I know I've seen a doll with this face online somewhere, but I couldn't find it again when I was preparing this post.


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