Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #171:Jody An Old Fashioned Girl

  Today's doll is Jody,An Old Fashioned Girl.

Jody was made by Ideal in 1975.

To make things confusing,she appears to have been sold under two different names.While the doll box shown above clearly says 'The Country Girl Doll',the ad below calls her 'An Old fashioned Girl'.

She was available in a few different outfits.

 This one is the Gibson Girl dress.


 The term "Gibson Girl" is derived from the paintings by Charles Gibson.

There was also an African American version of Jody.

Jody measures 9" tall.

She has especially long hair,that reaches to her feet.

Usually Jody is found with hair that is dry and crispy on the ends.

It's strangely rooted hair. The hairline is really weird.

It looks pretty freaky when it's pulled back away from her face. The shape of her head is strange too.

"What do you mean?!"

Her hair is so long it makes a huge and unnatural bun...
...so there isn't much you can do with the hair besides leave it hang down

She has click bend legs,and,as you may have noticed above, her arms are a soft vinyl that can be bent. They don't hold a pose though.

She has quite a striking face.

There were lots of playsets for Jody.

You can watch the original commercial for the Jody doll HERE.

When I found this doll she had her hair braided. That's why it's wavy. the hair is not rooted to be parted down the back though, so she had a bald area down the back of her head when the hair was in two braids.

Tomorrow we'll look at another doll.                      

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  1. I used to love Jody, but I never got one. my mom was divorced with 5 kids so money was tight back then


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