Friday, June 9, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #160:Captain Li Shang from Mulan

    Before I get to today's doll,I accidentally deleted a comment on yesterday's Hong Kong mystery doll,left by a reader who found a similar doll online. Could whoever  left the message please leave it again?! I really wanted to check that out.
  Now, today's doll is Captain Li Shang.

He's one of the main characters from the movie Mulan.

Captain Li Shang is one of the few Asian dolls Mattel has made.

As far as I can think, he's almost the only male Asian doll.

There were two versions of Li Shang with this sculpt. The doll itself was the same, but the clothes were different.

The head sculpt hasn't been used for any other doll. There have been Li Shang dolls since, but they have a different sculpt.

This guy has a problem common to male Mattel dolls: his head is pulled out of his neck a bit,and I can't get it back in. Anybody have any advice for fixing this affliction?
These are his original pants with attached socks.

His arms are the bent pose arms that I hate so much.

I guess they come in handy at some point.

Even though he has those stupid bent arms, his knees are jointed and her has a twist waist.

It's too bad he isn't more articulated,because he came with a sword, and other accessories, and it would have been great if he could have been put in cool poses with them.

See you again tomorrow for another doll.

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