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Doll-A-Day 2017 #167: Glamour Misty The Miss Clairol Doll by Ideal

Today's doll is Glamour Misty, also known as The Miss Clairol Doll, made by Ideal in 1965-66.

NOTE: I am using some pictures taken from the internet for reference purposes. I don't borrow anyone's artistic photos, only boxed dolls and outfits. I will be happy to remove them if asked.

Regular readers may have seen my own personal childhood Glamour Misty before.

That's my Misty on the right, next to my childhood Tressy.
She belonged to my sister, who passed her on to me after she outgrew her. But my Misty has a mark on her face, so today I'm showing you another Misty I found at a garage sale.

She's wearing Barbie's Solo in the Spotlight. (I got this Solo in the Spotlight at a yard sale for 25 cents.)


Misty came wearing a ruffly pink bra and panties, a short sheer pink peignoir,and also came with a short floral terry cloth robe and three different colour markers for colouring her hair.

I remember everything shown here except the comb. But all I have left of her belongings (that came with her), are a couple of hair curlers that I think were hers,and her white shoes.
Misty has a soft vinyl head and arms...

... and a hard plastic torso and legs,

... just like  Ideal's other fashion doll of the time,Tammy.
 I have said this before, but bear with me:My favourite thing about Misty were her graceful hands and  arms.


Neither of the Mistys I have now have arms that hold a pose,but there was a later one that did.

 The arms on this doll are just soft vinyl that bends but doesn't hold. There are no internal wires.

Misty was more shapely than the clean cut Tammy, and fortunately Misty didn't have Tammy's big head.


Even though Misty had bigger breasts and a tinier waist than Tammy,she was more realistically proportioned than Barbie.

  Glamour Misty really was glamorous. 

She had platinum blonde hair, which could be coloured red, brunette, or a milder blonde than her usual platinum,using her markers.

That one eye just wouldn't clear up.
Once coloured, the hair could be rinsed out and coloured again.

I might actually be able to handle the hair colouring. When we were kids my sister got to do it because Misty was her doll. She was passed down to me after her markers were kaput.
 I've been wondering if modern markers would wash out. Maybe washable children's markers, or dry erase markers?

Misty's booklet. I'm not sure how you were supposed to get this short hair style,considering Misty didn't have a grow hair feature.

  Misty was not a long lived doll, but Ideal tried. They produced a case...

Misty case, on which she looks especially 'glamorous'.
...and a beauty shop for Misty.

$4.99 for a beauty shop that came with a doll and her hair accessories. Now those were the days!
 The focus was on hair play.  Luckily Misty could wear other fashion doll clothes,or she would have had to go to the beauty shop in her undies.

This is from a Canadian Eaton's catalog. These are all Tammy fashions, but that's not even mentioned. They're just being sold for Misty.
  Tammy doll was first produced in 1962.Her original fashions were labelled for Tammy.Later Tammy outfits were sold for 'Misty and Tammy'.
Maybe it's because Misty was a new doll they were promoting, and Tammy was an older doll on her way out, but Misty models all the clothes on the packaging...
...Including every outfit pictured on the back of the package.

 Misty did make  a very attractive model.

I recognize some of these but Tammy's later fashions are harder to find, and so, less familiar to me.These later ones came with make-up,which accounts, I guess, for some of the messy faced Misty dolls out there.
A later version of Misty was Pos'n Misty.

Like Pos'n Tammy, this Misty came in a box made to look like a phone booth, and had bendable legs and arms,( wired ones that hold a pose this time.)

Better view of the phone attached to the inside of the box.

'Pose her in Life like' positions'. Don't tell me what to do!

Pos'n Misty has darker hair than Glamour Misty, and doesn't have the hair colouring feature.

  There was another Misty. She appears to have regular limbs instead of poesable ones, and a swim suit made of silver lame' fabric. Going by this and Pos'n Misty, she really likes silver lame'. I guess it was because it's 'glamorous'.

She doesn't have colourable hair either.

Her box has some nice graphics on the side,but they look a little outdated for the late 60's.
 "Now" Misty can wear Tammy's fashions. About time she had something besides those fancy undies to wear.
There is a rare version of Misty that has forward looking eyes, instead of Misty's famous side glance eyes. I think the regular side glancing Misty is more beautiful than forward looking Misty. She has a mysterious quality.

Misty shared a head mold with Bewitched's Samantha, also made by Ideal,and the two are often confused when found loose.

The easiest way to tell them apart is the hairline. Samantha's hair is combed straight back...

With just a hint of a widow's peak, like "Bewitched" actress Elizabeth Montgomery. Some Samantha dolls have more widow's peak than others.
... while Misty has bangs, even if they are swept to the side a bit.

  In 1966 and 1967 Ideal produced 4 female superhero dolls using the Misty sculpt. They were Batgirl. Mera (Aquaman's wife), Supergirl, and Wonder Woman.They all had pos'n bodies.

Misty seems to be gaining in popularity these days, but she's still not as sought after by collectors as her friend Tammy. An out of box Misty can still be obtained for a decent price. Some Misty dolls are prettier than others,and if you find a good one, she is a very beautiful doll.

  Come back tomorrow for another doll.

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  1. Hello from Poland :) I recently bought Misty doll and didn't know if it is Pos'n Glamour Misty or The Miss Clairol :) Now I think that I have Pos'n Glamour Misty, because She has very nice soft vinyl legs like a hands.


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