Monday, June 19, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #169:Shelley by Eegee

  I hope you all had a good Father's Day. Ken had to work, but the girls and I went out to eat with him afterward,and later had Indian ice cream and played a game.
  Today's doll is a bit of a rarity. She's Shelley.

Shelley was made by Eegee in 1964.

Shelley is a clone of Ideal's Tammy, but with one feature Tammy didn't have.

Shelley had her own clothes.She also had a red dress almost exactly like another grown hair doll, Tressy, by American Character.
Shelley has a grow hair feature.

Like Tressy her extra long 'hank' of hair came out of a hole in the top of her head.
She could go from a bun... a ponytail.

She came in either a red or pink dress, very similar to the original dress for the grow hair Tress doll.

Unfortunately, my Shelley has lost her pull string, to reel her hair back in.

Shelley is 12" tall, She can wear Tammy's fashions,but Barbie's dresses are too tight for her to pull up over her hips.

Although she's a Tammy clone, Shelley has a beauty all her own.

 I think she is quite striking.

Shelley has the same body type as Tammy. She has a hard plastic torso,arms, and legs, and a soft   vinyl head.

I can't even remember where I got this doll.

Could have been an auction, (But I doubt it.I haven't been to an auction for ages.), a yard sale, or a thrift store.

In any case, as hard to find as she is,she was a lucky find.


She does have some damage.

The discolouration on her neck looks like dirt, but it's not.


 I washed her very well and even scrubbed those stains with baking soda and a toothbrush, and they still wouldn't come off. Anybody have any advice?  
She's wearing some great home made clothes.

Don't you hate it when you're hailing a cab and discover that you've lost a shoe?
 Her shoe is Glamour Misty's or Tammy's.I'm not sure about the purse. It could be a Tammy purse?


Come back and see what doll we come up with tomorrow.


  1. What a cute little face that doll has! Never heard of her before reading this post.

  2. I got a Disney Anna Doll that had black and orange marker on her face, what I did was use an old tube of clearacil the pimple cream..put it on her face and wrapped her in plastic wrap and left her in the kitchen window for two days, the marks vanished. it works wonders..try it on a doll you dont like first then decide if you want to give it a go.


    1. Did you have any trouble with the Clearasil taking the colour out of her hair? I've heard that can be problem.

    2. nope, i just put it on her face and the bit that got on her hair just dried but didnt discolor it. I wouldnt put it on her hair on purpose though you never know what might happen

    3. I have read that when it's used on vintage Barbies you have to be careful.If you put it on and then put the doll in a sealed container or plastic bag the fumes alone can take the face paint off or discolour the hair.

    4. Oh, and also the hair can become brittle and disintegrate.

  3. I love the pleating of the skirt around the waist of the dotted dress.

    I'm going to give the standard answer I always give for dark stains: benzoyl peroxide in sunlight. Try with as inconspicuous a spot as you can first. I've used that process on a Tyler 16" doll and also on one of those little Madeline dolls.

    1. Does that work on mildew stains?Because I'm thinking that's what it may be.

    2. I don't know that for sure, but there is also a product called Remove-Zit by Twin Pines of Maine that claims to remove a bunch of stains from doll vinyl, including mildew.

    3. I have heard of that one.Have you ever used it?

    4. I've never used it; I have seen it talked about in places like Barbie Bazaar back when that magazine was still around.

    5. I remember those articles. I still have the magazines.

  4. i have one of these dolls, had her in the skipper case with my skipper doll. i just didn't know what her name was. i would also like to know what she is worth. i have about 5 or 6 dresses for her and a pair of flowered slacks. any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. If she's in really nice shape she could bring a good price. As for her actual value,that can vary from day to day on auction sites.A lot of her value does depend on her condition. (Mine isn't great.) If the clothes are factory made,and a known brand,(Not just 'Hong Kong'.) they could be valuable too. Are they actual Shelley clothes? You could check the 'sold' page on Ebay.(Not the currant listings or even ended. Check 'sold'.People can ask anything they want,but the only thing that matters is if they actually sold it for that.) Lastly, are you sure she's Shelley? how tall is she? I ask because you say she was in your Skipper case,and this doll is way too tall to fit in a Skipper case. Good luck.


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