Thursday, June 1, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #152:Disney Girls:Anna,Elsa,Aurora,and Cinderella

   Yay! Last day of the Goodwill dolls. I'm glad, because I'm getting tired of talking about it! Today we're looking at some Disney dolls I got in The Hauls.First up, a quick look at these two.

These are some simple Frozen Elsa and Anna dolls.Unfortunately Elsa has molded clothing on her torso. Her sheer over thingy was on somebody else,but I got it!Poor Anna is completely naked though.She doesn't even have molded on clothes.

I hate to ruin complete and mint dolls, but since these girls are essentially naked, I'm thinking about trying a repaint on one or both of them.
  On to the other dolls. These two were naked, but these dresses, which suit them fairly well,were in the bag of clothes I got.

Aurora,from Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella, are both Disney Store Classic dolls.

Stupid camera wouldn't focus on both of them at the same time. That's what happens when I have to hold them and photograph them by myself, and,like most people,I only have two hands.

That means they have nicely articulated arms...

...weird soft click kneed legs, and bodies that don't fit Barbie dresses very well.

That bodice is a little baggy.

Cinderella didn't have enough chest for her dress,and Aurora's dress wouldn't close in the back all the way.

Their articulated arms are very graceful,but a bit thin.

Both are beautiful dolls,but of the two I think Aurora wins.


She also reminds me of Morgan Fairchild.

She has more detail in her eyes than Cinderella.

Plus her sideglance eyes give her alot more personality.
The hair on these girls isn't the greatest though.

The hair on both of them is crispy,even their bangs.I've seen dolls have hair that gets crispy on the ends. But why is hair as short as bangs,which have probably never even been combed,just as crispy?

It's been said many times, but it's still true: Disney Store dolls have awful legs! Better that they keep them covered in these log dresses.

And that's it for the dolls I got in one week,(three trips,) to a single Goodwill. Shew! That took a while. I was excited about them when I got them, but once I started doing the posts on them,there were so many other dolls I wanted to feature,and I couldn't until they were finished. So I am relieved to finish them up and move onto the dolls that have been waiting in the wings.Tomorrow will be a random doll I may or may not have gotten at a thrift store at some point! Come back and see what it is!


  1. I like the doll of the day I have all four of those dolls which I got at a thrift store too but not at the same time, the ana doll has some maker on her and I got her in a bag with a monster high doll, so I used a clearacil/plastic wrap treatment on her and she's as good as new.

    cant wait for tomorrows doll


    1. I have never tried the Clearasil treatment. I have several dolls who could use it, but I'm too chicken!

  2. The dress you gave Aurora is so pretty!
    I believe Aurora is from a later year thean Cinderella :) Cindy is likely to be from 2010 or 2011, after that, she got sideglance eyes, too.
    I agree, those rubber legs are very bad :(

    1. Thanks for the info on Cinderella. I don't think I've seen the side glance one. That one must be pretty. Shame they can't improve the legs on those Disney Store dolls. The faces on them are so pretty and the arms are fairly good too.


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